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Okay so I was going to originally post for Easter, but things came up and I just couldn’t finish. So instead I thought why not today, it’s April Fool’s Day, yay! How many people can you prank? I didn’t prank anyone, and no one pranked me, sort of. YouTube had a silly prank going on. I got a nice chuckle out of it. As for Easter, it was nice, me and my hunny spent it together. Last year we went to his sisters/moms, and watched the kids find eggs, not this year. His mom got ill, I feel so bad for her, but we were going to cancel going over, 2 weeks prior he had gone over, and he had worked that day, and it just seemed like it’s non stop for him, so in a way it worked out good. I’m sure the kids won’t miss us that much I’m sure they had fun, since mommy has a new beau, maybe they all went egg hunting somewhere, but I am sure they had lot’s of fun, as I hope you all did.

So my other domain Emily.nu, is up for renewal, I’m debating. I think I am going to renew it, I waited like 3 years to get that name, and I finally have it, so yeah it’s going to be a keeper. I made my mine up real quick didn’t I? Lol, yeah I don’t mess around I had contest on it, but then my domain got hacked, which really upset me *sniff sniff*, so right now it’s just sitting with a little note on it. I think it’s going to be my craft blog, I have a nail polish blog, but I don’t post to it much, as I am not a rich brat and can buy every collection as soon as they come out LOL. But I do love nail polishes!!

I got a nail polish rack finally LOL. Let me show you a picture.

Nail Polish Rack

It’s my first nail polish rack, now I was going to make one with foam board, but I decided against it, I kept imaging the shelf falling apart and my polishes crashing down on top of each other and breaking, so I opted for the plastic acrylic nail polish rack, they are expensive too sheesh like 30 bucks on amazon, I wish I could find them cheaper somewhere, I need another two at least to hold all my polishes, for the time being they are in plastic containers or a card board box, not a big one thankfully, so if anyone knows of a cheaper place to get a plastic nail polish rack, don’t be shy and comment or use the contact form and shoot me a message, it would be very much appreciated.

I guess I will leave you with my Happy Easter video hehe!


Hope you enjoy, and have a great week! Blessings!


  1. Carol price says

    Hey sweety, nice to know you had a great Easter with your William, sometime you have to change things around lol. I am loving your nail polish rack I got no space for one lol but u am loving your china glaze collection. I don’t know where they r cheap but I will keep an eye out .

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