My BzzAgent Campaign For Garnier Olia! It’s Awesome!

Ok so last month, BzzAgent had this campaign open, I was SO SO excited!! I have been wanting to color my hair, and I had been putting it off. I had also been seeing commercials about this hair color that is oil powered, which excited me, adding oils to hair while coloring? How cool is this? It’s a hair oil treatment and coloring in one, sort of LOL. I think it’s awesome, because coloring just really strips your hair of all the oils with the harsh ingredients, so I am really excited about this. Oh and one of the big key things, is that there is no odor, just a light floral scent, that is what I was like “WOW!!!” It truly make me happy.

Garnier Olia Permaent Hair Color

As of this post, I have already colored my hair, I was going to go with another color, but went against it and stayed with a similar color, as to not show much difference in changes, except for those gray hairs LOL. From a far you really can’t see them, but if you came up close to me you would, at my temples and the top of my head, you can see long strands of gray, which I couldn’t really capture in my photos and I’m bummed about that but, I would still highly recommend this product, this is my go to hair color product from now! Maybe next time I will get a bit braver with the photos, I’m silly like that hehe. Let me show you before and after Be nice now

I didn’t have the time to run outside and take a photo, and doing it the next day was just not going to work out, but I really love how it came out, my hunny William helped me, and he is such an awesome helper. It covered a lot of my grays which made me and him happy LOL. I still do highly recommend this product, check out what came in the box!

All the items

Ok so there it is, and again like I said, I am very very happy to got the opportunity to try this, thank you so much BzzAgent & Garnier!! This is definitely the product I will be using, the fact there is no odor, my gosh that makes everyone a happy camper. I will leave you all with my video I made for my YouTube channel, enjoy, and seriosly check out BzzAgent!!! Blessings.

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