I Think It’s Really Here!

Is Spring Here?After what seems like a very long long winter, I think Spring is really really here. Even though it still a little chilly at night, and we did get some rain last night, with some loud thunder and lightening, odd I know, but I chalk that up to being Spring Showers. I left my window open last night, and it’s till open now, and it is just absolutely gorgeous. My hunny William messaged me and told me, it’s such a nice day today. Which I completely agree 100%. He has been waiting and waiting for the weather to change. He absolutely hates winter, I personally love winter, but you can have so much winter and you are ready for some warm weather. So folks, i think it’s really here, Yay!!

Those that live in the west coast, probably have had the super nice weather for a while now. I remember how it used to be, I lived in California for a good portion of my life, but now I am on the other end, and I just love the Winters here. But yeah I was starting to miss the warm weather. So hopefully we have a beautiful Spring season. There are no leaves on the trees yet, but I think they will come out soon or later. I’m so excited, I can leave the window open, yay.

Ok so I have been working on my new YouTube Channel, and I finally have it up, it’s my crafty channel. I was going to keep the things together, but crafting, specifically card making and acrylic nails are very different, so I thought yep I will make another channel. So I keep the two separate, and it keeps my feeds strictly only about nails or crafting, that makes it easier for me, and I think my crafty subbies, prefer it like that, and same goes for my acrylic nail subbies that aren’t into crafting. So if you want to check it out, please do so. I will leave you here a video from that channel, just follow it through to YouTube, and let me know if you came from my blog

So other than working on that channel, which isn’t a lot of work. I just keep the videos I make separate, I still do hauls of things I buy that happen to be mixed in with other regular hauls on my PrettyThingsRock channel, but the crafty items I will make a video just for EmmieCrafts. More than likely my first channel will get the most content, until I actually start making cards. To be quite honest. I’m scared!! There I said it, I feel insecure about making cards, like I won’t be creative enough, and I will fail at doing it. I know, I know, I shouldn’t think like that, it shouldn’t be a chore, it should be something fun to do. And believe me that is how I am going to think of it. I’ll post my first project to share with you all yay! Ok I need to go, got stuff to do, have a great week. Blessings

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