I Love Boston!

I Love BostonI sat here for a few seconds, thinking of what to title this. I mean so much has happened in the past few days, I don’t know where to start. It’s just all horrible, sad, depressing, scary, so many emotions going through oneself. Just today, there has been bomb threats, two I believe, turned out to be false. Still people are on the edge of their seats. What to think, what to do. I know life must go on. Speaking of so, my hunny was due to go into Boston the day or the Marathon for a meeting, but since it was going to be the marathon, they choose to put it off another day, then Tuesday came, and there was still a lot going on in Boston, that they put it off until today. I’m happy to say he is home with me, had his meeting earlier in the day, he texted me let me know he was going into Boston, and then after he left. So I felt a lot better. I know a lot of you also feel the same way if you had someone going into the area of the bombing. My hunny was nice enough to take some photos of the area today. He said there are police and national guard everywhere. It doesn’t surprise me, I would be shocked if there wasn’t.

It’s not much as he was heading to a meeting, but he was in Boston, what a beautiful day it was too. I heard it’s going to be like 74 on Friday, but then rain on Saturday, how weird lol. So I don’t want to get into the whole thing about the bombing, because I know you all saw the news, it’s been on non stop. Just pray for those families and friends, just a terrible terrible thing to have happened. So what else is in the news, oh yeah the gun control was shot down, and apparently the president isn’t very happy. I guess it’s the first time someone said no to him? I guess the president doesn’t always get his way. I’m not going to get into that either LOL. Too many people debating about it already.

What have I been up to, well about the same stuff. I am in need of more storage space as you seen in my last post. I think I will make some shelves for my acrylic paints, and bottles of glitter out of card board, another YouTuber did that, I think I am going to follow suit. I was inspired, yay! Well see how that goes. Maybe I’ll post a picture as soon as I make it. I’m not sure if I should use duct tape, but that would be so costly, or use some crafting paper to cover the boxes, if I can get a 12×12 @ .10 I think that would be awesome! Speaking of, I am still waiting on an order frmo Bargain Pack, in which I ordered some papers, for another shelve I am making to put my little Hello Kitty items on. They are cluttered up in a corner LOL, it’s been over 2 weeks, and I am upset about it. I already emailed, I think I am going to email again, heck maybe even call!!

Ok well I best get going, hope you all have a safe and happy week. Blessings.

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