Happy Star Wars Day!!

May The Fourth Be With You! Are you a Star Wars fan? We are here in this house. Loved the films, don’t have favorite, but I thought my inner geek would come out for a little while hehe. Today has been a beautiful day! My hunny had to work. He works a lot I have to say. It’s good and not so good. Just means he is not with me, and we are not out and about. I’m hoping we take a mini holiday this summmer *fingers crossed* He has mentioned Maine before. I’ve never been there, so it would be a lot of fun. Get away for a weekend or even a week? Well okay maybe a week is much, but a weekend would do him a world of good, he really does work a lot.

He went in today about 10ish, I can tell he didn’t want to, because normally he would be out the door by 9 am on a Saturday, and be home by 2ish. But I can really tell he did not want to go in. I don’t blame him, he works so hard, bless his heart! Anyway so he left work about 2ish today (Saturday), and asked if I wanted him to pass by CVS. Yesterday I asked him, he did pass by CVS, but he told me he would do it on his way home, which is like a few blocks up the street, but instead he passed by a CVS near his work, and by the time I texted him, asking him to pick up this Spoiled nail polish sale item, he had already left. I was a bit bummed out, but it’s cool no biggie, there will be more I am sure! Well today as I mentioned he asked again, so I said YES!!!! I did’t say it that excited though hehe. So he swung by and picked it up for me.

Yay so happy. It comes with 3 Spoiled by Wet n’ Wild nail polishes, and a pair of pink stripped & polka dot flip flops, toe separators so it makes it easy to polish your little toes (I asked William if he would let me polish his toes, and I held up the toe separators, he said no LOL), and it also comes with a nail file, so yay! It was $9.99 but you get $4 ecb (extra care bucks), so he used those $4 at another CVS to pick up a few other items we needed, so it was a win win situation, yippy!!! So am I going to show you it? Yes of course I am!!

Aren’t they the cutest? The first polish is called Tip Your Waitress, it’s a neon pink, so super pretty, may put that tomorrow, as it’s too late to polish, and have it dry nicely. The 2nd one is called Toad-ally Amazing, and Distant Memory, yay!!! I love them, he picked the greens, I kind of wanted the pink and blues, but I said ‘ok’ to the Pink and Greens, I love them all the same. Ok so that is my fun fun for today! I have to write another post for my PPP so I best go do that. Have a lovely weekend! Blessings!

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