Review Caswell-Massy! And Hello! I Haven’t Forgotten

I guess that title is kind of a lie, it’s obvious I forgot to post a blog lol. I am here just keeping busy. With what? Well believe it or not YouTube keeps me busy, not only watching, but creating my videos, editing them and uploading, it takes a lot more time than one thinks, my videos average 5-9 mins, i know it’s long, I try so much to cut out as much as possible. So i think the editing takes time, plus trying to watch subscriber videos, can be time consuming as well, the more subbies you have, the more videos that are put out. So obviously it takes time to return favors, and watch their content, some people are not mindful of that. I can’t watch all the videos as there is too much, and we all have other things to tend to in our lives, but anyway, moving away from that, sort of lol.

I am going to share a video with you a review actually on some amazing products I just recently used, bath and beauty, from a wonderful company Caswell-Massey, I am also sharing my review videos at the end, maybe you will check them out. I was asked to review these products, and I’m telling you, I just LOVE them. So let me show you.

These product are so so nice. The very first one I tried was from the Signature Collection, the Verbena Hand & Body Wash and Lotion, what I really enjoyed about these products is the light citrus scent, it’s not a heavy scent, now you can tell it’s a citrus scent, very pleasant scent, the same goes for the hand & body lotion. The lotion is not greasy, and quickly absorbs into the skin, I really like the fact, I don’t have to wait for it to absorb. This is something I will probably turn out buying. The Body Lotion is $25.00 for a 10 oz bottle, nice large size, and the Hand & Body Wash was is $22.00 for a 10 oz bottle, very nice size bottles. I hope you decide to try it. Below is my review on it.

Then I also had the pleasure of trying a few products from the Botanical Collection, the Coriander & Mandarin Body Wash and Dual Phase Body Oil, this is so beautiful, again like the previous product, the Mandarin is a light fruit.citrus scent. The body wash was a surprise, as it came out watery, and not thick like shower gels, obviously because it’s not a shower gel, it’s a Body Wash, at first I felt it wouldn’t lather up, but then I was wowed at the creamy lather it quickly built up, I was very happy with that. Then after showering, before your body is completely dry, I spritzed the Dual Phase Body Oil, oh my gosh, after it dried, my body felt so very silky soft, and instantly fell in love! The Body Wash is $22.00 for an 8 oz bottle, and the Dual Phase Body Oil is $35.00 for an 8 oz bottle.

These products were so nice, so invigorating, loving their scents, and the way it left me feeling, both collections are amazing, I would highly recommend them, please visit, you can also find them on Facebook, twitter and instagram. If you have purchased, I would love to know what you thought!

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