Happy Summer, BBQ’s & Drive-In Movies!!

Happy SummerOh yes, we have been looking forward to summer for awhile, as soon as the weather warmed up, we took off the cover from the BBQ. The end of Hockey season, as a matter of fact they Boston Bruins are playing tonight, so I’ll be finishing this post tomorrow. It’s do or die!! GOOOO Bruins! Tonight is game 4, if we lose it’s over, but I have a good feeling So apart feom the end of Hockey season, Baseball is already on, not sure where the Redsox are at, but I’ll be checking soon. I really want to enjoy this summer, we had a long winter, and as it is, we still get rain off and on, nothing like the summer days of California, oh the memmories, lots of nice ones! But it’s time to make new ones!!

Oh and since we are beginning summer, and have left spring behind, I’ll show you a Spring Water Marble design, and my newly done summer design, it won’t last more than 2 weeks, as 4th of July will be here and will want to do something for that.

I also made a video, during the process which you can see below. Hope you like it, I didn’t wear it too long, as I got bored fast, I’m bored of my current design as well, lol.

You can see the photos here, below, this was my Summer Polka Dot design, simple, I wanted to practice dots, what better way, than rows of them! I was inspired by another photo I cam across of someone that did a much better job than I did, you can clearly see the professional between the two LOL, hey practice makes perfect, right?? Good glad you agree, hehe!

This was my inspiration. I discovered on We Heart It, its source was from here, but the original owner who created the look I have no idea who it is, so if you see your work here, drop me a little message so I can properly credit you, and thanks for the inspiration!

Clearly see the difference, the one on the right is my mani, my nails are longer, and the line of dots go in the same direction. I will later post again, with more photos and a video, I don’t have the video edited or uploaded yet, but it will be once I get it done, but that is for a future post, this is just a peek, at my attempts at dotting, its not as easy as it looks, try it, but of course you need to be a beginner :]

Okay that’s it for me this time around, I’ll be posting soon again, thanks for popping on by, and be sure to leave a hello, so I could return the favor. Oh yes even though the Bruins lost last night, they are still awesome, and I fully support them! Boston Strong!


  1. I LOVE doing water marble nails – sooo much fun!

    Miss chatting with you Em – should catch up xx
    Terri recently posted ..ElevenMoons.net

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