Review: Flips Audio HD Headphones

Flips Audio Hd HeaphonesHey everyone! So I am doing a review for you and an unboxing, I wanted to share my personal opinion on this product. This review is for Flips Audio headphones that flip to powerful speakers, you can check them out at I am really excited about doing this review, before getting these headphones, I had purchased another pair of headphones. Definitely NOT HD or anything like these, so it was fun to compare them to myself. I was given this product from the company for free in exchange for this review. All opinions are 100% honest and my own. Now on to my review!

First impression, I absolutely loved the case they came in, egg shaped, but it’s in white, well the pair I got were in white, they have a black pair of headphones as well, so I am assuming the case was in black. The headphones are very comfortable, the ear cushions are nice, I wear glasses so sometimes some headphones will squish your glasses. This did NOT happen to me. The reason why I am not so happy about the white case is because I took them out to do the review after I did my unboxing portion of my review video which you will find at the bottom of this post. When I took them out, I did notice a little smudge of dust, so imagine 6 months down the line, that is going to look nasty, I’m sorry but if you watch my video, you will see what I mean. I attached the photos of the two colors they offer on their website below.

Now wouldn’t you have picked the black ones too? I love the neon green color and black it goes so well together. Funny I’m wearing a green nail polish, just saying. Anyway, those are the two they offer on their website. A great feature that this set has, that my other headphones don’t, is the fact you can share music literally with others, like having speakers with you. You turn the ear phones 180 and you instantly have speakers, seriously check out my video. I loved that SOO much, the downfall about that is, you need to charge the headset so the speakers work, after so long you will not longer be able to use as speakers, and this can cause a problem when going mobile, imaging going for a job, and the speakers feature just stops, that’s kind of a bummer, they do provide a USB for you, but it can obviously only be used on the computer. So not too happy with that, but generally they are pretty awesome headphones. So let me share some pro and cons with you on these headphones, I know I mentioned one or two things already and I should of saved it for this, but here we go.

Headphones collapse – This is awesome, for storage reasons, even if you already have the case for it.
I wear glasses, and I did not feel any discomfort – Big plus for those that wear glasses and like using headphones.
Volume is whatever your PC or Mobile will go up to – I suppose everything has it’s limits
Nice thick padding on ears, and top of head – A nice plus if using for a long period of time.
Works like it says, personal headphones, then flip to share – A super nice feature.

White will attract dust/dirt – As seen in the video, I already had a smudge.
Adjusting, a bigger head won’t fit (that’s a problem with a lot of products, they are made for average sized) – This happens with a lot of products, I’m happy it works for me.
Need charging – As mentioned it can be a downfall.

That is really all I can say about it, I hope you take the time to watch the video, seeing is always better than reading right? Check out the special offer down below.

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Again, I was given this product from the company for free in exchange for this review. All opinions are 100% honest and my own. Thanks for stopping by!

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