Real Life’s Been Busy

So my offline life has been busy, so busy I haven’t had any time to really do anything online, I watch a video here and there, haven’t made any in a while, so as usual I am getting backed up Lol. That is life though right? It gets busy, and real life always rules over online life, although real life sometimes is part of online life. Anyway, whatever about that. I realised today, that I got my new box from Julep, even though I had decided not to get any more Julep polishes because they are not really worth it. What I mean by that is that they give you such a little amount, that I’d rather spend the money on China Glaze or OPI. I had one polish that seemed to get so thick, now it could of been because of the weather, the room I have my stuff in isn’t air conditioned, so it gets warm in there, unless I turn the a/c on from the other room and use a fan to direct some cooler air into this room (the one I am in now). That is really the only reason I can think of the polish getting thick. I think I have gotten enough Julep, and I’m ready to cancel, but I have some points that will get me another box for free, so I hope to have enough for next month, and after that I am cancelling.

I have been letting my natural nails help, I think I talked about it in my other post, hmm let me double check. No I guess I didn’t, well I have. What I did is did an acrylic overlay on my natural nails, to give them strength, as my natural nails break so easily, so with the strength of the acrylic they will grow longer. But that does mean I will have to always put acrylic on my nails, mine are so super thin =\ *sigh* I know it sucks, but I am so so happy I found the world of nail enhancement. Here is a pic of my natural nails currently. Ignore the fact I forgot to put lotion on lol. Sorry =x

Natural Nails

Now they aren’t 100% healthy, not compared to this phone of when they were shorter a few months ago, and my natural nails didn’t get damaged by the acrylic, it’s partially my fault though, as I would pull on the acrylic and that is what caused damage to the nail.

Nov 2012

This is from November of 2012, they were shorter, but healthier, I went through some time not having acrylics on, and they got really healthy. I wish my natural nails were thicker, but they are paper thin, typing even scares me. Tomorrow, I think I will do an acrylic overlay before they break lol. I will leave you a video I did of doing the acrylic overlay, hope you like it

Anyway I better get going now. Wish me luck, ttfn.

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