Do Gadgets Run Your Life?

gadgets I’ll be the first to say, I my gadgets, but do they run my life?? No, not really, but we are dependent on them, to make life easier, quicker and be social without really being social, LOL. Does that make sense?? It does in my head. How many of you find yourself taking your phone to the restroom, when you really shouldn’t?? *raises hand*, yeah I admit it, I can’t help it, I should take a magazine lol. Reading should be something, I do more than anything else, liker playing games, or tweeting or facebooking, or even watch YouTube videos. But I can’t help myself, can you?

So again, I ask. Do gadgets run your life???

Makes you think doesn’t it? I guess being dependent on these wonderful gadgets in a way does kind of mean they run our lives, or better yet, we just can’t live without them, especially nowadays, as everything is pretty much done through a gadget of some sort. A computer, like my brand spanking new one I am using right now, a tablet, a mobile phone, an iPod, so many wonderful gadgets. So you see, just about everything we do, we need one of them.

How panicky would we get, if at this very moment, as you are reading this, all gadgets stopped working?? I would be like …

cat panick

That would be my reaction, lol. Seriously. I would be so scared, not to be able to contact my hunny, or my family in California, it’s a very scary thing to think of. I think I will leave it here and give you something to think about.

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