Sunday Funday or Is It?

Sunday FundayAt first no it wasn’t. You get up, you cannot just be lazy all day. Things have to get done, laundry has to be done, dishes have to be washed, dusting and vacuuming. Okay so not so much funday, at least not all of it. Especially laundry, not for the mere fact it needs to be done, but your damn neighbors are so damn rude. You go to do your laundry, we happen to live in a community where we share the laundry facilities, which is okay, because it’s not a huge laundry facility. Okay, you wait and watch someone remove stuff from the washer, they know you are standing there. Then the persons spouse walks in with another basket of laundry to do. Now I am not saying it’s wrong, I’m all for that, but what pisses me off is that they see you standing there, probably waiting for the damn washer, and they can’t acknowledge you and tell you, that they are waiting for their spouse with the rest of the laundry? REALLY WTF??

Are people getting ruder and ruder over time. What the heck?? We seriously can’t wait to move, have our own washer and dryer in the house, as this place didn’t accommodate that. I’d take that over a dishwasher any day. Just super rude. So Sunday Funday didn’t start out so fun!! Ugh just annoys me and aggravates me how rude people can be.

Football today, New England Patriots play at 1pm, so it’s close to the time. They won their first 2 games, just barely seriously the last game was a joke, needless to say they won, so yay for them! As for the Red Sox they won their division, well done boys, go Red Sox yay!!

Boston RedSox

Way top go team!! WOOHOO!! It’s good to see something great happening for the RedSox, then had been in a kind of slump lately, but got to love them, none the less. We own the East!!! I want this!

We Own The East

It’s a nice shirt, I love it, going to get my hunny one, his birthday is coming up, so am shopping already!! Can’t believe we are here again. Speaking of October, it’s also my moms birthday on the 3rd, R.I.P mom. Gosh I miss her. And our phone contracts are up as well. We may possible be getting an iphone, not sure, last time we got Samsungs, and those suckers cost $400 each, yikes huh? That is some crazy stuff there. The iPhone 5 is only $199, so not too bad! I’m really interested, because it’s a good price, I don’t want the plastic one, with my luck I will drop it and crack it, can’t have that happening. I watched a few unboxing/demo videos, and they are not bad. The gold doesn’t really look gold, some call it champagne, but to be quite honest, color doesn’t really matter, because it’s going to have a case anyway. So what is the point? Right? I would opt for the grey one if I had to pick and of course I do LOL. We’ll see more about that next month, see what we do.

I’m done here. Have a great Sunday Funday and have an awesome week!

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