Autumn Is Upon Us

Autumn 2013Well it’s here as of yesterday, some will call it Fall I have anyway, but I thought I would refer to it as Autumn this time around. I love this time of the year, it has cooled off a considerable amount, enough that I grab a sweater now. I haven’t decided if I am going to do another photography project of the leaves actually changing. I think I may, because it’s a gorgeous thing to see happen. Especially outside, there are these two gorgeous trees that come to life when the leaves change. I think I will. I just convinced myself to do it hehe.

I was really enjoying Summer, even though we couldn’t make a trip like we wanted to. We have other things on the priority list, and moving is a must come Spring 2014, I’m pretty excited about it. Can’t wait. It will be a pain in the ass to pack though, as I have acquired a lot of new things, especially my nail and craft supplies. I better start thinking of boxing things up. Little by little over the Winter, so I am ready come Spring!

Speaking of nails. My nails are currently short, I seen a lot of damage that I did not like, and since my own nails started to crack in places even though I did have acrylic on my natural nails. I decided to finally cut them short and let the damage grow out. It isn’t anything real bad, my hunny got me a new drill, and I was testing, it and I accidentally filed down to my own nail, so there are two little deep grooves in my middle finger on my right hand. It didn’t go to the point of getting blood to come out, you really don’t realise how thick your own nails are until you do something silly like that. And then I have left index finger the tip which some layers of my own nail came off when removing the acrylic, it was something that seemed to have happened over time. Perhaps I hit my finger against something and it started to pull up. Again nothing bad, but enough that I wanted to let my own grow out. Then on my left hand thumb, I noticed two areas that were filed lower than the middle section of the thumb, so that also has to grow out. I think by Christmas I should be ready for a new set, that I will share with you all.

First photo is my nails in November 2012, and the second photo is my nails today. Some are odd shaped, as I have been filing them down to remove any damaged areas. You can see in the second photo, my index finger has some damage to the tip, but it is growing out. They are a lot healthier than a month ago, so I am happy about that. I miss having my long glitter nails.

One thing for certain, I can type easier on a computer without nails LOL, but I still miss them. I will be posting about my September Julep Maven box, it is my last one. I need to call and cancel, before I forget, as a matter of fact I need to get on the website to skip, since it completely slipped my mind to call and cancel. Whoops lol. I’m on hold. Ok well I’m going to deal with Julep. I’ll see you guys next time. Have a great week.


  1. Hi Emily, just stumbled upon your page! I love this time of year as well. I call it scarf season because I can unbox my fall scarves and wear them everyday! Soft, warm, comfortable, and stylish!

    I’m glad your nails are getting healthier. I need to go get a manicure done. I am terrible with nails and I can’t do them/maintain them for the life of me. Can’t wait to see your new set!
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