The Walking Dead is Back!

The Walking DeadI and probably millions of other people are super excited about the return of The Walking Dead. Had to watch the 5 minute preview last night twice. This season is going to be so exciting, I can’t wait. I think I will turn out watching tomorrow nights episode like two to three times. Just to catch all the little things I missed. Here is a little preview of tomorrow’s episode. I didn’t see this on the TV preview they showed last night, so this was a nice treat! I’m so excited, I watched it on AMC, and found a video to embed on youtube, yay youtube you guys rock lol. It’s only in it’s 4th season, and this has to be the biggest show yet. Bigger than LOST, bigger than 24, bigger than Dexter (I loved Dexter too), gosh what can I say, die hard fans here!! Losing Lori, was so sad and T oh my gosh, I loved those characters, shame they had to take them out, and Myrle too, so many awesome characters I didn’t want to see go yet, I mean they could of held out longer, if everyone was working together as a unit against the walkers, but NOOOO there had to be greedy f*cks out there, anyway check out the trailers.

Wow huh? How exciting does that look, and who’s gun did he find. Must of been a convict that stashed it perhaps? Or were people there before them? There was no signs, but anything is possible. These are such teasers, I am such a HUGE fan of The Walking Dead, I can’t stand the waiting!!!

So here is the preview they showed last night on TV, I really liked it too. I’m feeling sad already, as I know one of them is going to turn out dying!!

Oh I am so ready for this season. I want to get season 3 on DVD the case is so awesome. I am so so friggin excited about this case I can’t tell you enough!

Are these not friggin awesome or what???? Come on, on the box the light seems to be on, I am wondering if it will actually look like that. Now you know I have to get this, as soon as I do, I am posting about it! Anyway enjoy the marathon and the show tomorrow! Fight to survive!!


  1. I have only seen season one so far. I was watching it with my partner, but he didnt like it very much and I am too much of a wuss to watch it alone. I have a rather love hate relationship with all things zombie related. We did finish the walking dead game thought, and that was amazingly brilliant.
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