Review: MicroTouch SwitchBlade

I had high hopes for this MicroTouch SwitchBlade, but I was disappointed. William has always had short hair, I cut his hair on a regular basis, and I know what works and doesn’t. He does tidy up on parts I may over look. Having a good trimmer to touch up is essential. I broke his last razor by accident, so I had to replace it. I first seen the advertisement on TV for this product and thought ‘hmm’ maybe I could get him this for his birthday. I held off and bought him something else because I wasn’t sure. I was going to look around for reviews, but then by sheer luck. I come across a chance to try this for free!! Of course you know I was all over that.

PROS – I love that it has the ears & nose blade, that comes useful as you get older, I tried the nose one hehe. It worked perfectly, even though we had a nose hair trimmer already, now I have my very own trimmer to use. Next since he didn’t have long hair to cut and try, I thought I would be the guinea pig, I know right? ME!! I had a lot of smaller shorter hairs under near my neck, long enough to try the trimmer see if it does work, it does, I mean they are blades after all.I don’t have bushy eyebrows so I didn’t try on my eyebrows, but you do have the option to do so. I found it worked great to trim the back of Williams neck hairline and he likes that he can trim his gruff hehe when it’s long enough so it looks nice and neat. I like the rubber slider to turn it on and off, that helps you get a good grip on it, at least that is how I felt. It comes with a little brush to brush off any little hairs that stay on the blades or the plastic attachments.

CONS – I don’t like it runs on batteries, although in it’s defense I can say it’s great for travelling and not having to worry about a cord. I don’t like the plastic look of some of the parts, it doesn’t come with a carrying case which it should’ve as you have small parts to carry, so you would end up buying an additional pouch to carry this in. This will not work on shaving of the body hair, even though the package shows a mans chest, yes it does say body grooming but that could mean anything. It’s mostly for trimming. Hence the name MicroTouch SwitchBlade head to toe grooming. The plastic looks very cheap, if you drop it, you can be sure it’s going to break!

Would I buy it if I never got to see it in person? No, I wouldn’t, I would want to walk into a store, pick up the box, pull it out and see it with my own eyes before I bought it. But after seeing it in person in the store, I may buy as a secondary trimmer.

Overall, I feel that there are better quality trimmers, although I don’t have a set price for this, I have seen it for about $15.00, and that is a lot for something made of plastic. So I may save my pennies and buy a better trimmer, that isn’t all plastic, on the good side, plastic makes it lighter, but does have a cheap look to it. Check out the photos I provided, make your own decision.

If you have some specific questions, check out Dr. William Yates MD.


  1. Let me know when you find a GOOD trimmer! I JUST about bought this but after reading your post, I am pausing.

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