I Lost My Mojo, WTF?!

I think I really did! Well at least that is how it seemed recently. I was putting out videos often, then something happened (not saying what), plus I got ill, and then the passion flew out the window, but that thing that I’m not telling is really what took away the drive I had. Then it all just started crumbling down. It happens I know, and I need to be able to pick myself up and continue on. I was emotionally hurt for awhile, and I don’t think these people know how much, I don’t think they ever will. I am way over sensitive though. Time to move on.
For those loyal secret readers I know I have out there. As you know, I had been posting about monthly subscriptions I would get. That is at a dead stop, no lie! During the time I got ill, I had to update my payment information, I didn’t so of course the shipments stopped. Now that I look back, I’m glad they did, it gives me a chance to really look at what I was getting. Let’s look at them.

Julep Maven – Although I love nail polish, I didn’t like the small bottles and the big price. I’d rather put those $20 in my pocket and get 2 OPI’s a month lol, no kidding. I did enjoy while the service while I was getting it, I was even able to get a few free boxes, that was the best part, it was a good experience. Speaking of boxes, my last one from like September I believe, still sits unopened. This was during the time I was healing from being ill. I am 100% minue the knee problem. So I will soon post a final good bye to Julep Maven, it was fun while it lasted.

GlossyBox – Cute boxes, I think that is what kept me there, how stupid right? No I’m kidding I loved the boxes, the content was fantastic, but when my shipments stopped, I noticed a talk stack of pink boxes, that are still there now, I can’t bear to throw them out. But I also have a basket, not a laundry sized one but one you would keep in the bathroom, with toiletries medium size wicker type basket, is full of Glossybox and ipsy items. Mostly Glossybox, so I thought now is a good time to stop this subscription. The fact I am not using most of the products says a lot. I probably will, but I am not right now. So I won’t completely delete my account, but it is on hold. I can use those $21 and buy something else.

Ipsy Glam Bag – I really love this service, I can do without the bags, just like I can do without boxes LOL. But I have to say I really really like this bag, I got things I actually could use, and the bag was only $10 a month, that is not bad right? I am on hold on that too right now, but I will probably start it up again in January, hopefully I don’t have to get back on a waiting list.

Those were the ones I was getting, I had long ago opted out of Birchbox, I disliked that so much, I am so glad I got out of it.

Now, these were things I was making videos about, in between I had hauls, when I went shopping for things for nails, but I am stocked up, so I don’t do much shopping anymore, and then I got started with cardmaking shopping, and haven’t really started with doing anything with that. What happened in September, just really depressed me. So I turned to my other passions, my fanlistings, fixing the mini websites, I am still fixing things, there are so many that it takes a lot of time. I have done a lot though, and happy to have. I even turned out adopting 2 other fanlistings, one for Monopoly the board game, and the Siamese Cats fanlisting. No brainers on those, I love the game, and my Juliet that I lost while in England was siamese so I had a special bond with that type of cat. Check them out if you like

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