What A Way To Start The Year!

We are well into the new year now, and what happens, like so many others, I get a cold! Yuck, stuffy nose, running nose, sneezing, coughing. The worst is at night while sleeping and your nose plugs up, and you have to breathe from your mouth, you get cotton mouth. I slept terribly. Plus when I did breathe a bit through a nostril, my nose started to hurt, I don’t know why, it just did. So back to breathing from my mouth, ugh, I hate it. To top if off, the monthly monster had to come right when I catch this cold. William gave me it, and I think I just gave it back to him. I hope not.

Got a cold

He told me, take the Vicks Sinex, it works. I refused last night, but today I used it. I’m up and around and don’t stay stuffed up as often, the true test will be at night, which I will be using it. I should’ve listened to him. Throughout the day I kept telling myself, ‘why am i so cold?’ I thought maybe I was beginning to get a fever, turns out I had the temp set at 69 degrees all day, when it should’ve been at least at 70 or 71, no wonder I was cold, and so was my kitty, but we kept each other warm.

Ok enough of my complaining. So I’m about to start a diet, hmm wonder how that goes. I’ll post more about it in my other blog if you are at all interested pop on over to emily.nu, not really going to disucss that here, no point if it’s on another blog already, what do you think? Hmm maybe I’ll cross post or something, makes it easier than rewriting all the same things again. Yeah maybe I will do that.

On Sunday, we took down all the Christmas decorations, a few were left behind accidentally. Like this door stopper thing, to keep the cold out, it’s christmasy themed, but can come in handy, and I found some silver garland, we may just throw that out.

I was just on facebook, I got distracted, and I seen this really great offer from Zoya.com, they make nail polishes, you can get 3 nail polishes for free, using a special code, but you will have to pay promotional shipping and process fees of $12, and if you want free ground shipping, buy $25 more of merchandise. I like the 3 free polishes thing, it’s kind of like buying a $4 polish in the store. I think it’s worth it, I may even get $25 worth of polishes just to get the free shipping, so really I’m paying $13 for everything, since part of the $25 would be for shipping, right? Lol. We’ll see what I decide, I may go with just the 3, but for $13 more dollars which only gets me another 2 polishes maybe. Hmm yeah need to think on that.

I guess I need to go, William will be home soon, got a few dishes I want to finish up. Hope you all have an awesome week!


  1. Emily,
    I have found for a stuffed up nose at night if you squeeze your nose right above the nostrils, it will clear up your nose temporarily (for me sometimes as long as an hour or so.) It’s a pressure point that someone had shared with me that will open your breathing passages in your nose. Also a vaporizer in the room seems to help sometimes. Anyway, hope you feel better!
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