Rain, Rain, Go Away …

If it isn’t snow, it’s rain. Ahh how I look forward to Spring, even though in reality our Spring doesn’t last long, it seems to get right into Summer weather. I loved California spring season, it was truly spring. Anyway, as William said, better rain than snow. He’s been living in the Boston area all his life, so he is hating on snow, and welcoming rain, weather is a lot warmer. Although in defense of snow, there have been times it seems rather warm, but then the snow melts. I enjoy a good blizzard, I know some folks hate it, especially if pipes start freezing and bursting, as it has done in some areas this past snowfall.


So I’m on a cleaning war path, not because I like cleaning, I actually hate it, if I can afford to hire a maid I would have one come once a month hehe. I’m getting old, I have an excuse. I actually have a lot of excuses, but that’s one of the big ones. Anyway, cleaning away for two reasons. Maintenance is coming tomorrow to do winter check on everything from light bulbs to changing filter, I need to make sure I point out that the light bulb in this room keeps going out, to the point I stopped changing it, and got stand up lamp. Which by the way, doesn’t illuminate as much as the ceiling light does. It’s friggin’ annoying, I should of complained a long time ago. But I don’t because I hate being bothered. But it must be done! So *fingers crossed* that gets fixed too!

I know I said there are two reasons, but I just felt like sharing just one lol.

So my sweet little terror kitten Daisy, I love her to pieces, but she is a little monster sometimes. She gets so hyped up sometimes, she is jumping around. I confined her to our room at night, I worry about her biting on cords all the time. But she’ll eventually leave them things alone, I hope She got a few new toys recently and she is really liking them. I got her a remote controlled mouse, but it doesn’t stay charged as long as I’d like it to, because she keeps going beyond 5 minutes, and the mouse only charges for 5 mins.

That’s a current picture of my little baby girl Daisy. It’s hard to get a photo of her so you can see the color of her eyes. Either the room is too dark, and her eyes close if I use a flash, or it’s not sunny enough, and it makes the rooms darker so the flash needs to be used. If i don’t use a flash, the photo comes out too dark. I take them when I can. Anyway I think that’s it for now. I took a break, now I need to go clean, Daisy is sleeping on my chest, oh what to do lol


  1. It’s freezing where I live now, but we don;t really get a full Summer, we just get bits of it here and there, which I usually end up working through. My work always gets busy in sunny weather so I’m usually stuck inside working. Hopefully the weather improves for you!

    I’m terrible at cleaning – I end up doing it bit by bit and never really get anyway. I wouldn’t like other people cleaning my stuff though haha, so I’m stuck.
    Amy recently posted ..Bats Don’t Need Sun Cream

  2. Denise Heavner says

    HI Emmie ….hope all is well . Decided to start following your blog . Cuz I never see you on the tube anymore ! It’s me , Denisejohn65 ….( nails ) LOL

    • @Denise Heavner: Oh Denise, hi, that is so sweet, thank you for following, not sure if you will ever see my reply, but I thought I would reply anyway. I want to return to YT, just been doing my thing for awhile, ever since I got out of the hospital, things have changed and I stopped doing the YT thing, but I miss it, and I miss all the lovely ladies. I still pop on and watch a few videos though. Thank you so much for popping on by, it is very much appreciated. Take care

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