Dieting and Me!

I was not one to ever stick to a diet, when I was younger, my mom tried things, but I wasn’t happy with them, and/or I just didn’t have the will power. So why now you must ask? I honestly should of did this a very long time ago, when I didn’t get as overweight as I did. I’m ashamed about that, but you know – it is, what it is! I can’t complain, cry, bitch or even blame anyone but myself. So I hold myself responsible.

So why now? Well I’m overweight, and I need to put an end to it. My boyfriend loved me as a big girl, still does and is 100% supportive, my sister is proud of me, and above all. I am proud of myself. I will spare details really. But I am not taking anything special, or going to a dietician, or anything like that. I just decided to see how many calories I am suppose to be consuming. I really didn’t know where to go, so I first started with an app diary, just to keep track of what I ate, and the calories. I realised I was consuming way more than I was suppose to for my age and height. Again I felt ashamed, but like they say, better late than never. But one can avoid this & invest some time in determining the right kind of diet for them, with possible candidates being Nutrisystem & Jennycraig. Choose wisely after careful scrutiny of both the diets, of which, pros and cons of both are discussed here.

And at the rate I was going. I would die young, I know I would. I had to do something. I watched Biggest Loser, and was very inspired, but it took me like 4 – 5 season to finally get off my ass and start doing something about it. Now you will laugh at this, when I first heard of Biggest Loser, I was judgemental, it didn’t sound like any kind of losing weight show, so I didn’t even waste my time checking it out! BIG MISTAKE. I thought the show was about putting people down in some way. Why did I think that? I don’t know but I did, what an idiot :\ anyway, so one day out of the blue my curiousity got to me, and I did check it out and when I discovered what it was. I was immediately hooked. I wanted to try to get on the show, but I always talked myself out of it, I was embarrassed to show my fat on TV. So I never did.

I give those people so much credit to do what they do, wow they are so inspirational. I hated myself, because I would watch the TV show during lunch time and I’d have this lunch that was not healthy. I felt ashamed, but I ate it anyway, while watching the show. Telling myself, what are you doing, stop it, stop it. I finally listened to myself. I told myself, geez if they can do it, I can too. I don’t have the trainers to help me, but I can pick up some information here and there.

So here I am the beginning of my journey, I have William’s support and that means the most to me, my sister is supportive too, and that means a lot. I know she has seen me go up and down, up and down. But not this far. I had decided to talk about my diet, more so on my other blog than this one, but I will do updates. This was just a little background, and where I am going.

I started dieting, counting calories really on January 15, 2014 it’s took me another few days before I got my scale, and a good app to keep track of what I am doing. Which by the way it’s an amazing app. It counts my calories, what I would weigh if I eat the same way for 5 weeks, oh my gosh so many awesome things, they have an online forum as well. I haven’t really used that, as I use the app mostly on my ipod. The app gave me a number or calories I can take in daily, which for me, my age and height is 1,660, so roughly 500 calories a meal or however I want to do it.

Funny thing, when I first put in my information, and I did this in front of William, it turned out adding a foot and 4 inches to my height, when I caught the mistake and fixed it. I was already using the app for about 4 days, and went back to look, and I had gone over the amount of calories, I was in the red, it actually shows up red. So I was so depressed when I seen that I felt like omgosh with all my hard work. But then William said, it’s fixed now, and just focus on the future, which I did. This app is called my fitness pal. which you can find at, if you are looking to count calories and keep track of them, this is the app to use. If anyone can recommend a better one. I open to checking it out.

I weighed myself like one or two days ago, and I was shocked, I had lost 7.5 pounds!! I was so so soooooo happy you cannot imagine I keep on that track and it’s going to start showing. I know it won’t at first, but it will eventually. My goal is to lose 100 lbs by my birthday which is December 4!! I don’t know if I will do it or not, with help from sites like I might have what it takes! Losing something to me, is better than nothing.

So I will update my other blog more about this, or maybe just cross post, that always works too. I don’t know Well that’s about it! Wish me luck!!


  1. Hi! I just saw your comment on my post and I was so happy, thank you haha
    Thanks for the advice on ‘The Biggest Loser’, I’ll try watching it later. I use myfitnesspal too and it’s great. The last time I used it I lost 6 pounds in a week! I’ll start using it again. I also use this app called Workout Trainer for exercising and it’s good too. Good luck on your journey!

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