Hello February 2014!!~

I know it’s the 4th, but better late than never, and I just wanted to say hello to the new month. So we had snow last night, it’s so very typical here in Mass to get snow in February. I absolutely love the snow, and it looked beautiful last night, the trees looked so pretty with snow on them. I will have to add a photo so you can see how pretty they are. I’m charging my phone at the moment, but I will show you them. It reminds me of Christmas, how the trees have just enough snow on the branches and just look so pretty.

Loving The Snow Fall

That snowfall was one storm we had, we are expecting another storm supposedly on Wednesday, but I am looking at the blinds and I see lovely sunlight coming out, so not sure if that storm will hit. I’ll check my weather channel when I go down to have lunch. I should go do that, I can finish this later. I am back, and yeah the storm is due Wednesday so let’s see how much snow it brings.

I recently got some polishes from Zoya, don’t know if I mentioned it, but I have been wanting to see how these Pixiedust polishes are, and they are so pretty. I turned out getting 7 colors, I got Vespa, Stevie, Miranda, Destiny, Liberty, Beatrix, and Solange, they are gorgeous colors, more on the summery colors, I just loved them, I’m anticipating summer, but wanted to start wearing them already. I have been wearing Miranda for about oh I’d say a week, yesterday I got a chip, so it’s time to change color.

Zoya ~ Miranda

Pretty isn’t it? These are the other colors, not sure what I’m going to wear next. I am leaning toward the beautiful green one, Vespa, such a pretty green. Check out my instagram because I will turn out posting a picture there. The link is at the top, in case you missed it These are all the colors.

Zoya Pixiedust Polishes

I am going to have a lot of fun wearing these. I have put off doing my own acrylics, as I had a lot of damage to my nails, and wanted to get them to 100% which I’m pretty close to it, I still had a nail which peeled at the tip, didn’t know why it did that. My nails are weak, even though I apply Sally Hansen Nailgrowth Miracle, I am hoping that keeps them stronger.

As for my diet, I am doing good, I have lost 13 pounds so far, and I am really happy with the how I am doing. I was fighting the hunger pains I would get, but that was my stomach adjusting to less food. Although I have to say I hated drinking a lot of water, because it was constant visits to the bathroom, not fun. I slowed down on that, but I really should continue with drinking more water, 8 cups a day is what is required from what I read, I had been doing 5, close enough lol

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