Happy Mother’s Day 2014

Here it is again, another year without my mother, God Rest Her Soul. I miss her like crazy, there is so much I wish I could of shared with her. I know she is looking over all of us. But, yes there is a but, but having her physically would of been great. I would of loved to take her out to lunch, make this day so very special for her. It is special, I had an amazing mother, she did the best she could. I love her for giving me life. I will always miss her, she is often in my thoughts and even in my dreams from time to time. I love you always mom!

Happy Mother's Day

I also wanted to mention my sister and her partner that also stepped in as mother figures, they adopted 3 children that are full grown now and moved on with their families. They did such a selfless thing by adopting. Bless them as well. To my brother Nelson, whom stepped in when his kids mother decided to leave them with him. My oldest brother who so wanted more time with his girls, but circumstances beyond his control made that impossible, bless them all. My niece for being a mother to 2 wonderful children. I wish them all a wonderful day today and everyday. Love you guys!

I don’t want to make this sad, it’s a day to celebrate motherhood. Although I am not a mother, I do have a cat, and I am her mother. I love her, she is the best kitty ever, when I look at her she reminds me of my mother, as the last cat I had before her was Juliet, who was a siamese as well. So it’s nice to always have a reminder prancing around the house.

I wish all mother’s a very happy Mother’s Day and those that stepped in to take the mother role, I honor you as well. I hope you all have a blessed day.

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