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Let’s begin with shopping, we had a long day today shopping, it was needed to be done, and I didn’t want William doing it alone, so I told him I’d go with him. Normally, he’ll pick up things on his way from work, but it’s Saturday, we did want to go to the movies, but now I think we are both pooped out and just want to relax and stay home. Enough with the hustle and bustle. Now to find something exciting and entertaining to watch tonight. Perhaps RoboCop, it’s out on DVD


So I am still on my diet, yes losing weight slowly, seems like I yo-yo sometimes though, kind of frustrating, but surprisingly sticking with it, in the past I probably would of gave up, but not now. I am determined! I gained a lb this passed week, not happy about that, so will have to work harder!

Happy 1st day of summer!!! Yay! And for a first day, I have to say it has been gorgeous out all day! I wish I could have this weather all year long, it was absolutely perfect, slight breeze, strong sun, fluffy white clouds in the sky, and the sky a gorgeous blue. And the water looks so inviting as we crossed the bridge today! Yeah we spent it shopping But in our defense we still enjoyed it, nonetheless.

It’s summer, yay! And during the summer weekends, we like going to a local Drive-in in Rhode Island, it’s just so perfect, to park, watch the big screen. You don’t have idiots talking or texting while the movie is on, or yelling and screaming when a good part comes on that you can’t hear what is going on. I am not knocking walk-in’s I’m all for them too, but during the summer, do you really want to be in an air conditioned room, our outside where you have the awesome breeze coming through your car? I guess for some they’d take both

So when we went shopping, William happen to slip in this really huge cat condo, I thought it was like maybe $30, but after we checked out and we were on our way out the door, I asked him, and he said it was $50! I was like “WHAT???? If I had known, I would of said no”, then he says “I know, that’s why I didn’t tell you”, that sneaky cheeky guy! I love him though, he loves Daisy as much as I do.

Well that is it for me, my William is calling me for a movie and dinner. Have a great weekend everyone, and happy 1st day of summer!!

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