Summer Days, Losing Weight

Oh my it’s been a bit since I posted, but I am back. I have recently wanted to start up with my video making, I haven’t done one in months. I miss it, but for those who keep up, know what that is all about. I am also doing the dieting thing. Which by the way is going great, I have lost over 50 lbs already, isn’t that just fantastic?? Even if you aren’t impressed, I am. And that is the only ‘real’ person that counts! I am keeping track in two ways, using MyFitnessPal, that is life saver, but I also post about it in my other blog. It helps me keep track.

I started doing my nails again,but not with glitter, I have just wanted to enjoy the nail polishes I have. Which I just scored on some at Walgreens this weekend. I have printed off $1 off coupons, about 6, with my Williams help of course, and they were on sale $4/2, so I got them at a buck each. Like I told William, it can’t get better than that, actually it could, if it’s free. Hehe

sally hansens polishes

I had bought another black, as you can never have enough of that color, but I did turn out duplicating the orange one called Sun Kissed, I may remove what I am wearing now, which is the Green With Envy, it’s really pretty, and I was going to do a design, but then things came up, and now the mani is messed up So probably go on to another color this week, after I do laundry.

Daisy is growing up so fast, she is almost full size now, wow! I remember when she was just a tiny little thing. When we went to get her, she crawled up my sweater and nestled herself against my chest, I knew then she was the one for me. She doesn’t sleep on my chest anymore, we have to kick her out of the room, as she tries to climb on the TV andjust drives us nuts in a good way she knocks things off the dreseer and night stand on purpose too LOL. I love her though.

daisy stretched

Look at her now, she sleeps in that sometimes, when I’m on the computer as it’s in the hall. OR under the desk, it really depends if the room is too warm. But she has grown up to be such a big girl! Sometimes I think about getting her a little companion,but then I think maybe not, they will drive us twice as crazy lol I think that will wait until we move, hopefully spring 2015 *fingers crossed*

Anyway that is it for me for now. I hope you are all enjoying your summer! I am trying to. I will be blogging about a product that is way overdue for a review in my next blog.


  1. You can never have too much nail polish or manicure accessories in my book. I have an entire drawer full of nail stuff. Currently I’m working on slowly replacing all of my polishes with China Glaze. I dunno what it is about that brand but I’m totally hooked on it.

    Your kitty is adorable, she looks just as spoiled as my two kitties. Cat haters really do miss out, cats do the weirdest and most random things, not to mention they act like they’re on crack once they’ve hit play mode. I have my little one, Gizzy, snoozing against my leg as I type this comment to you

    What exactly are you doing to lose weight? 50lbs is an awesome accomplishment, I’m so happy for you!

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