BzzAgent Campaign for Charmin Fresh Scent with Chamomile

It has been awhile since I posted about, but I finally got something to talk to you all about. I was pretty excited about receiving the Charmin Fresh Scent with Chamomile, yeah I know, it’s just toilet paper, and yes it is! But it was a freebie,and I enjoy my freebies, I have discovered so much awesome stuff when receiving freebies, this campaign is one of them, in turn, I introduce the product to my visitors, be it on instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and you got it even my blog!!

Charmin Fresh Scent with Chamomile

So here I am introducing this product to you, so you are wonder, what is so special about this product? It’s not that it can do some kind of tricks or anything, it is simply just a wonderful product to have in your home. This toilet paper i scent, and I am sure you have bought scented paper before, bot other scented toilet paper, is scented on the actual paper, you use against your delicate skin.

This paper is not, it is the paper tube that is scented, and what is incredible, is the scent emanated throughout each layer of paper, right down to the last sheet, I went as far as to discreetly leave the paper roll in the bathroom, for continued air freshening, once I didn’t smell its fresh scent with chamomile, off to the trash it went. I Highly recommend this Charmin Fresh Scent with Chamomile. I have left here my YouTube Unboxing video to watch, just a few minutes, not too long!

If you are interested in joining then head on over to, til next time, take care!

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