Two Days Til My Birthday, Yay!!

I am truly an old fart, officially in two days lol. No I’m kidding, 50 is the new 40 didn’t you know?

kay so enough of that. I have been so very busy lately, haven’t you noticed my lack of posts? Yeah my new years resolutions are two, I am managing to keep last years.

So they are as follows:

1) Better organise my hobby room, it is a mess.
2) Try to manage my time to accomplish almost everything, blogging is what I speak of.

I am also behind on my diet blog, thankfully I take photos of weigh-ins yay go me. I am happy that I have been able to achieve my goal, sort of, I won’t be hitting the Target, but at least I am on the right road, which makes me very happy. Want to know more about that, feel free to contact me, and I will send you the link

So apart from that, what else is going on? Well I lost my lovely fish, Dexter, I am not sure if I spoke of that. Yeah we had him for nearly 5 years, so sad But on a happy note, Daisy is grown big, and it is time for her Distemper and Rabies shots for 1 year, yup, cannot believe how fast time goes. She’s a big girl.

Isn’t she the cutest, her color has intensified, and gotten darker I noticed, but she is such a playful baby girl, I just love her so much! So beside that I have been doing my nails again yay! I have a few pictures to show you the transition, if your interested follow my nail instagram @ Lacquer.Love Here is the link checkout the photos.

Yeah 4 of them was for Fall, and the baby stilettos, I am currently wearing, first time, they are fun, but hard to type with, nail slides between keys LOL. Anyway that is it for me!

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