Winter Has Been Way Too Long

I am ready for Spring, Lord knows my honey is so ready for it too. We here in Massachusetts have been hit with so much snow, it literally probably won’t all melt away until June, yes that much. Now for a California girl like myself, I am loving the snow, since California doesn’t really get snow like it does here, I am still loving looking at it and all. But I am ready for some warm temperatures, and ready to wear my vans shoes!

Aside from that I had been MIA for awhile, have had so much going on, that I just didn’t have time to blog, honestly that is no excuse, I like blogging, and need to keep it up. I keep u with my YouTube channel, so I should do the same here. Nothing bad has happened, just life! I am back and will be blogging more regularly, sharing my monthly subscriptions, and any other little things I can throw in here that is happening in my life, I want my blog to be as active as my YT channel. So let’s get rolling.

So I have my Ipsy bag to share, what is Ipsy?

You get 4-5 beauty products every month delivered to your door, for just $10, free shipping! Check it out here: I think for $10 you are getting a lot in the bag, and the bag is the cutest this month. It is #ipsyLOVE how cute right, check out the picture below of the bag!

February ipsy bag

I liked everything I got in my Ipsy Glam Bag, I have yet to try the face mask, but look forward to it. Similarly, I got my Birchbox as well. I figured might as well show it now. Be sure to check out my unbagging of my goodies below!

What is Birchbox?

You get 5 samples from up-and-coming & well known brands for only $10/mo, free shipping. Can’t let this pass you up!

Please use my referral link

Very similar to Ipsy Bag, Birchbox is well worth the $10 a month. Although you don’t get a bag, only a box, but the products are fantastic, check out my Photo of February Birchbox, and below that my unboxing video.

February Birchbox

In this box, i had earned enough points to buy the Revealed Palette, which was so awesome!! Check out the unboxing below!

Hope you enjoy and consider using my referral link, would help me so much, see you next time.

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