Where are you Spring? Come out, Come out!

So I feel like I have been waiting for Spring to come along for ages now. I love the Snow, but wow I actually got tired of it. I won’t lie, each time it snowed I got all giddy because it was snowing lol. And even though I was enjoying it. I was longing for warm weather, So I am anxiously waiting for Spring. For some reason, out here in the East (Massachusetts), we don’t get much of a Spring. Sometimes it feels as if it skips part of it, and we go straight into Summer and the humid weather. I would love, oh so love, some nice weather. Sunny days, warm breeze outside, clear skies. That is what I’d like. What I will get, well …. That is another story hehe.

Where Is Spring

About a year or so ago, don’t remember exactly what date, but I had started dabbling with stamping plates, and my first one, was such a huge fail. I didn’t know how to do things, and there weren’t many videos on it, so silly me forgot to remove the blue film, so that it will allow me to stamp. I actually just went back to look, apparently I did remove the film, but I think it was the polish that wasn’t good enough for stamping. Ahh well. I was so bummed out, I think that discouraged me. I know I gave up way too early. Now I am dabbling in it again. As a matter of fact, I filed and edited a review for some stamping plates, stamping polish and stamper from BornPrettyStore, as a matter of fact, I have a link on my sidebar, plus you can use the 10% off code for your whole order, isn’t that awesome? So be sure to use the code if you ever want to shop there. They have so much to offer. I have shopped with them often.

Anyway, here is a video of that time. Laugh, it’s okay hehe.


Yeah that was ages ago, but my new video will be out tomorrow, so I will post again then, and you all can see it. Still a newbie at it, but had fun, a bit frustrated, but still had fun. I will leave a photo of the finished design. I had issues lol.

Funny enough, my nails are short in this photo as well. Anywho. I think that will wrap it up for me this time. I will be back soon again. I truly need to blog more. Always have so much on my mind, and this is very therapeutic for me hehe. See you all next time.

xoxo Emmie

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