Review: Influenster Voxbox #YSLmascara

I got the opportunity to test out the lovely remastered YvesSaintLaurent Mascara! Let me tell you, I have tried many mascaras, but never have I tried one with a lovely scent as this one. There are some people that don’t care for the scent, one youtuber went as far as to say it smelled like old lady??? Something is up with her nose, hehe, it didn’t smell like that to me, it was a nice soft scent, not florally or perfumey, it was really nice, different from other mascaras. But that’s not what I loved most about it. I loved the fact it really volumised my eyelashes. I tend to wear fake lashes more, well this is suppose to do give you that look. As thick as they got, as full as they got, you could swear I was wearing fake lashes. The formula is very nice, has not dried up, as some dry up pretty quick.

The packaging is gorgeous!!! Shame that one day you have to throw it out hehe. It is a beautiful gold mirror like look, with the letters YSL crossing over the part where the you unscrew, very pretty. Although my photos at the end of my video don’t show the fullness of my lashes, as I snapped a few as I was applying it. What can I say, I not beauty guru hehe, but I just wanted to share my experience with you all. Check out the packaging in the photo below. So I am happy with that. But that is really it, there is not much to say about.


Will I buy it? Probably not, as it it way too pricey for my budget, but I am glad I got to live the high life if even for a little while hehe.

This is my unboxing video, and some photos at the end of me applying and what not, nothing fancy, as I am not a beauty blogger, I just like what I like

Thats it for me now. Thanks for stopping by! Say hello if you like, would love to know you were here

I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes

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