Here and There, and Everywhere!

I feel like I am all over the place. I try to do a lot in the time I have. Not only do I have my hobby websites I run, but I also have a YouTube channel, and now a few Facebook groups that I help admin. They are a lot of fun. Let me tell you. The moment it becomes a chore, I am quitting some of the stuff. As it is, I am trying to downsize my fanlistings, but haven’t done so good. I think I will start getting rid of the ones that are not getting as much attention. Meaning, no one is really interested LOL.


My YouTube takes up a great portion of my time, it is not only filming videos, but taking the time to edit out crap that doesn’t need to be left in the video, as it can make them super long. Then during the week Sunday through Thursday I upload, unless there is another use for the internet, but I usually upload overnight, which is the best time, as the net is free, and no one in the house is using it. We sleep right through the upload, and it is usually done by morning, especially the longer videos. There have been people that made comments about editing, and I’m like WTF, it is fine if you want to keep in foolishness in your videos, but if I can make my videos as short and to the point I will. It is my choice, my channel, so just shut it already, Lol. It annoys me but not too much, but I think it’s mostly jealousy. What ever right? I move on so quickly lol.

So apart from all that, what else is going on? Not a whole lot more. My Daisy is growing up, and being her feisty self, she loves playing with William when he gets home from work. She is easier with bathing, even if I have to hold her against me, I think it reassures her. I love that little cat so much, seriously love her. So does William. We spoil her lol. We want to get her a companion to play with. When we move hopefully.

I’ve done a lot of videos since the last time I posted, so go check out my PrettyThingsRock channel if you wish, leave a hello, so I know you stopped by I recently had a Father’s Day giveaway, that has come and gone. I am getting close to my 3000 subscribers, so I need to get my giveaway details together for that.

I’ll post a video from time to time. You can find a lot of my videos on my PrettyThingsRock facebook page, and of course my YouTube channel. So check it out when you can.

As for my diet, I am struggling. I am doing the yoyo thing now, which is upsetting. I am upset with myself. I gain, I lose, I gain, I lose. I need to just lose, lose, lose. Ugh come on! Lol. Anyway enough of all that. I am going to stop here, until next time.

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