Are you ready for the season to change?

Nope!! I’m not ready for Fall yet! I have been enjoying Summer so much, I am just not ready for Fall, but when it comes, it comes right? What can you do about it, besides enjoy what you have to the fullest!

Seasons Change

So besides the weather and season, what have I been keeping myself busy with. Well facebook groups, geez they take up way too much time, that I have slacked off a bit on my YouTube channel. But keeping up with posting my videos, but watching, oh man do I have tons to catch up on! I’m so sorry to my subbies. Will have to make it up to them very soon with a makeup giveaway, yay!! They should love that.

I also recently posted a video on a demo of how to apply and remove some nail polish sticker by Donna Michelle, oh man they sucked, but they are so pretty. I may turn out using them again, but the removal is a pain in the butt, they didn’t last long since the sticker didn’t stretch to fit the nail, major disappointment there. No big loss I got them each for a penny at Dollar Tree LOL, yup, got like 30-40 of them hehe. Here is the video, check it out!

In other news, we are getting Daisy a little sister OH EM GEE I am so so excited, I just seen some more pictures of her, she is still with the mom, not ready to leave yet. I don’t have a name for her yet, but she is a calico main coon mix, and just precious. I will post pics of her in the next post. Can’t wait to show you all. And can’t wait for Daisy to meet her. Ok that’s it for me. Til next time.

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