Gadget Grab Tablet and Smartphone Stand Giveaway #AsSeenOnTV

Gadget Grab Tablet and Smartphone Stand #AsSeenOnTVGiveaway time! Let me give you details first! Are you all like we are here, tablet here, laptop there, constant use of the phone. How about my YouTube subscribers, do you want to be hands free when recording? Well the answer to that is “Gadget Grab”, the universal Tablet and Smartphone stand. We use these daily, I use my mobile phone sometimes to watch videos, and I didn’t have a stand for it, but using the Gadget Grab stand made it so easy, it is so small I can literally carry it in my purse, it fits on the palm of my hand, I can even put my ipod on it!! The tablet I carry with me into the kitchen. As I cook I love to watch a TV Show, and it can also be used to follow a recipe, my tablet has a cover and it can be used for a stand, but it is constantly falling down. Is that not annoying or what? The Gadget Grab tablet stand is perfect, it secures it in place and holds it perfectly, isn’t this just perfect?

Be sure to check out my live unboxing and usage of the Gadget Grab below.

You can find the folks at Gadget Grab on Facebook, so be sure to go and like their page!

Would you like to buy it? Go get yourself a Gadget Grab Tablet Stand! It is only $10, plus shipping and handling, get it here, you can be hands free soon too! I seriously love my Gadget Grab Tablet and Smartphone Stand.

Now for the giveaway, are you as excited as I am? Woohoo!! One of my lovely followers will be winning their very own Gadget Grab Tablet and Smartphone Stand, are you as excited as I am, yes I am!!! The wonderful folk at Gadget Grab will personally pick the winner and send the lucky duck their prize. Please enter below! Good luck to everyone!

USA Only
Ends October 18, 2015

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I received the Egg-Tastic for reviewing purposes. Opinions expressed are my own.


  1. Would love to win for my son

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