Olive Garden Birthday Dinner

I took my wonderful William, the love of my life to dinner at Olive Garden for his Birthday, you all need to go check out this restaurant if you have not, it is amazing, the food is fresh, and prepared perfectly! I started off with wine tasting, ad after tasting, I had to have a glass, it was sweet and tasted so good. I had a glass of Moscato Primo Amore, I must buy myself a bottle!! I was that good! Will have to go back sometime.

I have to share our plates with you all, I had the Herb Grilled Salmon, I love sea food, as long as it’s cooked and not raw, hehe.

My Meal

Then my honey, William ordered the Stuffed Chicken Marsala, and a draft beer, which he enjoyed very much I have to say. Mmmm look at his meal, yummy right?

Williams meal

His food looked so good, got to taste it hehe, we had a Lasagna Fritta as an appetizer, it was so good, but, I am going to have to work off that food lol. It was better than what it sounds like or looks like! Practically melts in your mouth, that good!

Lasagna Fritta

For dessert we took home a slice of Pumpkin Spice Cheesecake for William, and I choose the Tiramisu. We had such a wonderful time, before dinner we went to the local walk in theater and seen Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension, we have seen them all, and I still get scared or that is startled when something jumps in my face, at least that is what it looks like in 3D, William was on the quiet side hehe. But we both enjoyed it.

After dinner, we walked over to Barnes & Noble to apply for food stamps, as that one glass of wine got me a lil tipsy (I am such a light weight) lol. But is been awhile since I have been to Barnes & Noble, had to pop in, we walked out with 2 books for our collections, I seen Stephen Kings latest and wanted it but $30, I’ll wait LOL. These are the books we got.


Cannot wait to jump into this book. Look at the cute bag they put it in too lol.

Barnes & Noble Bag

Overall we had an awesome time, I hope I made his birthday special, as every year should be special, he is the special man in my life, I love him so much, and it makes me happy to see him happy. He did get his birthday gifts early, a few days early, as I wanted him to enjoy them and start using them. I don’t know if he’ll ever read this, but if he happens to stumble upon it, Happy Birthday babe, I love you to the moon and back!!

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