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It has been ages since I made any glitter mixes, but had the urge to, so I joined a few glitter swaps on YouTube, yup that is right. I joined 2 Christmas and 1 New Years, but I am getting the urge to make a Fall one too now! But let me show you the 3 glitter mixes I did make, I will later post videos of me ‘mixing it up’ on my YouTube channel, which is always fun to share.

i love glitter

This one is for a glitter mix swap hosted by East Coast Nail Diva on YouTube, the theme was Charlie Brown Christmas, although my lighting is horrendous, you cannot really appreciate the mix, and how beautiful it is. My honey actually named this one ‘A Christmas Carol’.

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This one is for another Christmas swap that is being held by Crystal on YouTube, the them is “Christmas’. This one I named ‘Christmas Morning’, for obvious reasons, who doesn’t love Christmas morning *raises hand* I do lol..

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Then this one is hosted by lovelyBUTstrange on YouTube, and is a New Years glitter mix. The theme is ‘5, 4, 3, 2, 1 New Years Party, and I named it ‘Colors In The Sky’, not an exciting name, but it represents how the sky lights up by all the fireworks when midnight hits.

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I hope you enjoy the preview of the glitter mixes, as much as I enjoyed making them. Go and subscribe to my channel and you will be notified as to when I post the videos of me making the mixes. I can be found at, and glitter definitely is pretty


  1. The glitter is so fabulous I never realized how much can be done with it. What a beautiful page



    Glitter Crazy ~ Love The Sparkle

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