Happy Valentine’s Day and OH MY GOSH!!!

Has it really been that long? Wow I have kept myself so busy, that I don’t post in my blog. OK well with new year, new changes, and that includes this blog. I will have to take time out to blog on it, what is the point of having it, if I don’t do that. Things change in my life, and I need, no I want to post about it. If only for my own reading pleasure when I am a little old lady and I want to reminisce, oh wait I am old, but not a little old lady yet hehe.

So Happy Valentine’s Day!


So I am doing good on my weight-loss journey, I have to admit, the juicing I have been doing is very hard. I have been tempted many times, and probably always will be. I try to make it up, by juicing a full week, then going to one meal a day and juicing. I had juiced only for a month, 30 days. Now I am on my 2nd set, and have slipped, but determined to do it right.

Yesterday, we did some shopping, and I took the opportunity and bought a few things for William for Valentine’s Day. I wanted to make sure he was there, so he get what he wants, I took him out to lunch. Today he is making dinner, and let me tell you, it is smelling amazing!! I am hungry already!

Anyway that is it for now. I have a lot going on and just wanted to do a quick post. Will update again soon, and again so sorry for my lack of posting, it will get better

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