Acrylic Collection & Prize Mail!

At the end of last year I bought a custom acrylic collection from Johann Pacheco from YouTube, and I also won her giveaway. Aren’t these just beautiful?

Custom Acrylic Collection

I was super excited to win, didn’t even expect it. The acrylics she made are beautiful. I just recently bought a Spring collection, her last one was I believe a Christmas collection. But I will post about that later. check out the video below, and all the wonderful things she sent along. I know it is from Christmas, but I got behind, my computer decided to stop cooperating with me. So had to go through all the re-installation process and what a pain in the bum that can be sometimes. Needless to say, I am finally back up and running, and editing and posting my videos. Yay. So yeah check out my video below.

I am excited about the polishes as well. Although I have way too many, so I am selling some of my polishes if anyone is interested. Some are swatched, and some just never used. I may post a separate video for that, but I will be selling in flat-rate only, small, medium and large. I don’t think it would be worth if I only sold one at a time. Too much trouble, and it would be more expensive for the buyer in regards to shipping. That is about it for now. Til next time!

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