Review/Unboxing L’oreal REVITALIFT Volume Filler for Influenster #AskSkinExpert

I was so super excited when I found out I was chosen to try for free complimentary of Influenster, the L’oreal Paris REVITALIFT Volume Filler systme. So so exited that even though I didn’t get the cleanser with it, I was lucky enough to find it on sale at CVS 2 for $11, and it completed the system for me. I am so happy I bought it too.

Creamy CleanserCreamy Cleanser – A little goes a long way literally. It is so so very creamy, about a pea sized amount is all you really need, it lathers up very creamy, has a lovely light scent and makes my skin feel very clean and refreshed. You can get the best skincare experts, click over here

Eye SerumEye Serum – Very light consistency, light scented, absorbs quickly, I dab it on rather than rub it on. I just feel rubbing your face attributes to wrinkles. I allow it to thoroughly dry before applying the next product.

Face SerumFace Serum – This is much like the eye serum, except for the face, the consistency is very similar, same light weightlessness to the product, and delicate scent. Wrinkle on face treatment is very effective. Absorbed quickly into my skin, which is a plus. I think I will tun out running out of this one a lot faster than the rest. Maybe it was meant to work out that way? Perhaps lol.

Day and Night Cream

Photo Mar 03, 2 44 33 PMDay Cream/Night Cream – Both of these creams work amazing, they leave my skin feeling velvety soft, I am 100% honest about that, I am not trying to go over the top with how I feel about these. I had asked my honey to feel my face, and tell me how it feels, and he agreed, that it did in fact leave my skin very soft. I love that, I love that the night cream did this for me, and that it also left my skin feeling very hydrated and dewy. Try spider veins on face treatment, it’s also very effective.

I plan on doing a follow up, after I have finished up all the product, not including both Creamy Cleansers, because I will more than likely have extra of it, since I did buy 2 bottles. As I mentioned in the beginning, I did receive these complimentary of Influenster to try. If you would like to know more about the Influenster program then follow this link, sign up and get some free items to try, you will not regret it. Also if you would like to follow along with the Revitalift Volume Filler, follow the hashtag #AskSkinExpert. If you would like to see my unboxing, then please go and watch my YouTube video on it.

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