Gel Wraps VS Foil Wraps VS Foil & Cotton Pads – Which is better?

I love to do my own nails, and in between doing my own nails. I will apply fake full nails for a week or two for fun, and to allow my nails to grow out, without adding gels or acrylics, because I tend to cut my natural nails very very short to allow growing time, and getting rid of bad areas or damaged let’s say So I go visit my local Dollar Tree store, and pick up a few cute patterns, and simply glue them on.

Removing them, must be done by soaking off, and not pulling them off, because you will tear away layers of your own natural nail, and that thins them out considerably. In addition to giving my nails time in between, I have 2 cats in my home, whom I do not wish to subject to the fumes of the chemicals that acrylic and gels may have. More so acylics. They can’t help but want to be in the room with me, and last thing I need is a hair to get into my gel lol. So that is another reason why I will have use glue on full nails.

Foil Soak Off

So let’s get on with soaking off. I had bought some Dollar Tree Sassy + Chic Soak Off Gel Wraps, cost was $1 for a pack of 10 wraps, some Mia Secret Foil Wrap Removal System $6.00 for a pack of 50, and some Dollar Tree Foil paper and cotton pads, each $1. So far you can see where I would be saving.

I can get many uses from The roll of foil paper and bag of cotton pads, cotton rounds, or cotton balls, depending on the persons preference, I like the pads, as I cut them in half and get 2 out of 1 pad. Talk about saving money lol. In addition I use 100% Acetone, which you can find at Sallys Beauty, Walmart, just about any beauty section in any store. But it does have to be 100% Acetone, nail polish remover will probably take ages, and I am not going to try it lol.

Removing the Sassy + Chic nails was simple and quick, and I used very little product. I sit wrap my nails, and watch a TV show, a movie or some of my fellow YouTubers until it is completely soaked off. After I am done, I apply cuticle oil, because the Acetone is very very drying to the skin and cuticles, so be kind to them by applying your favorite cuticle oil!

That is pretty much all, I have a video below showing you everything I used. Check it out, let me know what method you use, if you do soak off nails.

Until next time!

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