PROshaker 2.0 Nail Polish Shaker – Great for Gel & Stamping Polish Too!

I was gifted the PROshaker 2.0, why? Because I am lazy lol. NO i am not well maybe haha, NO seriously because I have so many nail polishes, not to mention now in addition to nail polish, gel polish and stamping polishes. And shaking up the latter two is not easy task, plus I would be shaking for house, and it is known to develop carpel tunnel syndrome from shaking nail polish bottles, I feel for the nail techs that do this, they seriously need this PROshaker 2.0, it is a tiny bit noisy, but salons often either have music playing or a TV on to entertain and distract clients. So personally if I had a salon, I would definitely have one or two of these.


I did a demo and review on YouTube, here is the link for that video, check it out for yourself.

This is such a time saver!! Especially if you have so much going on, and want to hurry up and shake up some nail polishes. I love it, I keep it in it’s box for now, until we move and I find a permanent place for it. I have a habit of keeping boxes to things I buy for moving purposes.

If you want to find and check out the reviews for  the PROshaker besides mine Check them out over on Amazon, here is a link to that, and to the manufacturers website as well.

Amazon –

PROshaker –

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