Goodbye Ipsy & Birchbox

It is finally time to say goodbye to the Ipsy Glam Bag and the Birchbox monthly subscriptions. I noticed over the passed 2 years that I have a lot of things I don’t really  need or use, others may feel differently, but IMHO, I really got bored with them. Ipsy had some super cute bags, but sometimes, the bags were useless and ugly, and other times they were a great hit. The one little thing I didn’t like apart from, well repeated things, is that their card never listed the items that were in the box, it made it so hard to make my videos. Lol, I would literally have to keep a browser window open for each one so I can give accurate information.

goodbye ipsy & birchbox

Unlike Birchbox that did send a card with all the lovely items that were in the box, but again, I kept getting repeated things, I really didn’t need. I know they are samples for one to try different brands and such, but I was done with it, and I out grew it, and I decided I can put that money into other things. So my farewell video consisted of 2 Ipsy bags, from January and February, and the same for Birchbox, if you are interested in watching, the videos is linked below.

Even though I no longer am getting the Ipsy and Birchbox subscriptions, there are others that I do get that offer similar items. I am subscribed for Walmart Beauty Box, which has a box every season, so it is 4 times a month rather than monthly, and that is $5.00 a month, I have a box I still need to make a video that I recently go for Summer. Then there is the Target Beauty Box, just recently they offered a Man’s box, presumably for Father’s Day, I did pick one up for William, that was only $5.00 and they also offered the Woman’s box which also was $5.00.

What I like about Target, is they let you see what the contents are, so if you want it, you buy it if you don’t then you pass, you are not obligated to automatically get it each month. You have to stay on top of when they offer it, because once they go, they are sold out until the next box. I have passed a few times,  and I have missed a few times, but no big deal about that.

Then there is which offers a box, sometimes you qualify, sometimes you don’t. In my experience when I get a good sized box, the following month I won’t qualify, I suppose it is to allow others to enjoy the box, I am fine with that. Then there is which offers trial sized products much like Pinchme, they call them ‘Missions’. Both services are free, they only ask you to return the website and review them. Smiley360 not only asks you to review them, but has you do some simple task mainly using their sharing tools on their website, which in my opinion is very easy to do, again they offer their samples for free.

And finally we have and, both are very similar, you qualify for full size products, in exchange they ask you to do various tasks which include sharing on social media, and reviewing products either on their website or at major stores such as and possibly others too. These are also free of charge.

So see there are many ways to receive samples, and if you don’t or can’t afford it, sign up for some that offer them free. In the end saying goodbye to Ipsy and Birchbox is no real loss in my opinion.


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