Never Enough Hours In A Day!

Isn’t this just the case though? As we get older it seems like time speeds up! Don’t you just hate that?? I do.

Never Enough Time In A Day


So I have been pretty busy lately.  About a month ago, we went shopping at Kmart, as they were having a huge 50-70% blowout sale, well the first time to Kmart we bough a few items, as this video will show.

We decided to go again about 2 weeks later, and they dropped the sale to 80% off of clothing, and other items were at various prices, we though OH MY GOSH. By the end of our shopping trip, the shopping cart was full and we walked out with 4-5 bags full of men’s clothing, men’s jackets, some women’s clothing. I focused more on the big men’s cloths as there was so much of it, I also picked up plus size women clothing as well and a few regular sized men’s and women’s.  Majority I would say was men’s. So all this brand new clothing is going to be re-sold on Ebay, I thought to myself, I don’t see enough big men’s clothing, so I though, why not sell. So that is what I am doing now. Hoping to make a nice profit over time. The prices were so low, that we had to go back 3 more times over the next 3 week, I have bags and bags of cloths to sell.

So now that I have all this new cloths, I am really busy and I still try to keep my YouTube channel active. I was going to film all the clothing hauls, but where I record, I just did not have the room for it, so I said forget it LOL, too much trouble, but the prices were so amazing, we couldn’t help but buy and invest in selling them.

We also sell on Amazon, actually my honey does, I do the Ebay stuff, it takes more time, and I am a homemaker so I have the time. So that is where my time goes.  I started that, then I had a family emergency, and now I am selling all my personal hobby items, such as stickers, washi tape, Fergie make up, Milani makeup, crafty things, which I haven’t photographed and finishing editing, as I wanted to post these other items first. I must have over 200 items,.

Well I am selling them to be able to send my family member money to help out, as I didn’t want to ask my honey again, as it is my family problem not his, even though he has helped, and I love him so much for that. I don’t want to go into detail about the family emergency as it is very personal. So I will probably post mt sale items here too, hoping it gets traffic, and I am able to sell it all. That was a mouth full.

Other than that, I still have my fanlisting that I still update, I need to update my website directory, it has been too long, I have a lot of pending websites. I have videos to edit and post as well, as I am behind with that.  Check out my  latest Dollar Tree Haul, it was 2 trips combined into one, as I have been behind with them as well lol.

I’m slowly catching up though Since we started selling on Ebay and Amazon, we go sourcing more often, so we come home with things to sell on either Amazon or Ebay, mostly Amazon, as I am up to my nose with clothing, not only new but also good quality used, I am shocked at the good quality cloths we have found at Salvation Army and Savers!! Not to mention new items we have picked up as well. I think after we move we will have a little warehouse for our things, as this spare room is so packed now.  Down fall with selling on Ebay, things stay at home, on Amazon, at least it is sent to a warehouse where it sits until it is sold. We are hoping to expand into other categories on Amazon, wish us luck. Check out one of the latest clearance hauls we had, apart from Kmart!

So as you can imagine, I have a full plate, and I still admin groups on Facebook, wow over flowing plate I would say hahah. Good thing most of them run themselves, but one in particular for Dollar Tree, well I run that alone, I need to find help, funny thing, original idea to begin this wasn’t mine, I only made the group because I knew how, and now I am alone with it, funny right?  Come by if you are a Dollar Tree shopper and fan, everyday I have about 10 + members pending, and about 4k + current members. anyway enough of that, come by and check it out!

Ok well that is it for me, I hope you all enjoyed your 4th of July and are enjoying your summer, I’m trying to, until next time!

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