Keeping Busy, Making Money!

My summer is turning out to be very busy. Both myself and my honey have jumped on the bad wagon, and started to sell on Amazon, woohoo! I love shopping, so this is fun hehe, even if it isn’t for ourselves. I have to admit, I have found things that I really liked for myself , but I think anyone would too. So my honey is taking care of Amazon, and I in turn am handling Ebay, believe me, listing on Ebay is much more time consuming than Amazon.



I have a Spring beauty box I got, oh my gosh I know it is Summer, but I wanted to share it anyway. I enjoy Walmart beauty box more than the other monthly subscriptions, for 1. it is less expensive, and 2. I like the things they send. Check out the video below!

A lot of nice things in this box if you want to sign up, go to and sign up for your box too!

Speaking of great boxes, I also recently got a box of samples absolutely free, I love this company/websites, all the samples are free, o taxes or anything, in turn, asks you for feed back and to share on your social network sites. I have been with them about 2 years i think, maybe more, and have liked their samples. You pick the ones you want to try, although you don’t always get picked to get samples as limited supply, but for free, it is worth it, check out my video!

As I have mentioned in the beginning, we are doing the online sales, Amazon is doing good, Ebay is a bit slow, but i am sure once all my items are listed, they will fly out the door We usually go every weekend and do some RA, I have a video of some places we have gone to. My honey has tried some OA, and as I said we are just getting our feet wet. My honey has gone as far as saying, this would be awesome as a full time job, meaning we’d be out and about a lot! We also hit the mother load with new clothing in a recent blow out sale in which we bough clothing for 70-95%, I have to say, looking back, we should of bought more, but there is roughly about $900 worth of clothing invested. In these 2 videos we shopped clearance, thrifting and the big Kmart blow out sale as well. Check it out! Have any tips?

And lastly, this was just one of my latest Bath and Body works haul, a small one, but very much worth it, we love the candles, I especially like the body mists mmmm, makes you want to have another shower just to use it LOL. I will forever continue purchasing from Bath and Body Works, and in between other places that may have sales, but BBW is my primary source of candles and body mist and the wallflowers. Check out my goodies below!

So as you can see I have been pretty busy. Listing definitely occupies my time from writing out a worksheet for each items, specifics like size, brand etc, to photographing each item including all tags. Then I would measure what needs to be measured, if you have experienced buying different brands, which I think everyone has. Then you know, brands are different when it comes to sizing, why?? Heck if I know. So because of that, everything has a basic measurement I need to note down. Anyway, not going into all that, just know, it takes time.


Anyway, I think I am done for now, I’ll be back soon with another post, have a great week!

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