It’s Fall Ya’ll! It’s getting chilly

Fall!!! It’s here officially since Thursday, but feeling weather wise since yesterday. Have myself a cup of Pumpkin Spice coffee, actually had that about an hour ago, but feeling like I want another. Was sipping on it while watching the last episode of Orange Is The New Black, I have to say, too much of it is sounding like the current news, should I be surprised?? No, lol. Are you? It was a good season, sad ending, that is all I am saying, I do not want to spoil it for others. A lot of drama and violence, let’s pit it like that, it really took a big jump that is for sure. I was also cutting coupons while watching lol.

Hello, Fall

Since my last post, I have uploaded a few thrifting and Dollar Tree videos, so check them out if you like, I’ll post the latest two. First with my thrifting haul.


We are taking a tad of a break from it, which gave me time to play catch up. I really needed it, because I was so far behind with my Dollar Tree videos, that it was literally like a month behind haha, IKR?? Speaking of Dollar Tree videos, here is my last one as well?

As you can see I had to post a double Dollar Tree haul, that helped me catch up! I am not 100% sure if I will film myself making a Fall wreath, but I will sure try, it’ll be fun lol. Plus they are all Dollar Tree items I am using!

I fell off the diet wagon haha, is there such a thing? Well there is now lol. I am back on it, on my 2nd week, have lost 7.5 lbs so far, happy with that, for more it’ll be on my diet blog, interested, email me for link.

Tonight is the first night of the debate, we will be watching, I hope you all will too. I don’t care who you vote for, but think clearly before you do. I would be very unhappy to see American get any worse. Well that is it for now! Til next time!

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