Stores pushing Christmas, let me enjoy Fall!?!?

I am surprised to see we were in the first week of October, and stores are already pushing Christmas, my gosh, give me some time to enjoy Fall. This past weekend, I shot a clip of the changing colors in the trees, it is looking so beautiful, check it out, I want to enjoy every little bit of Fall from leaves changing color, to them falling to the ground!! Even Dollar Tree has its catalog out, and Halloween hasn’t come and passed yet. I tell you, the world is in a rush, it needs to slow down, and enjoy life!


I hope you can see that!

It is definitely getting colder, my cat Daisy is already feeling it, this morning she came under the covers with me, isn’t that so sweet, I think it is. I was hoping lily would too. But not quite yet!

I have been keeping busy, not exactly on things I would like to, like my ebay little business I am trying to grow. I have let go of a few Facebook groups, they take up too much time, as it is I added a moderator to the group, hoping that will help me free up sometime, so far so good, although one of the girls couldn’t stay on, so I move on and try to find another two, we’ll see. I am almost caught up with my YouTube videos, I have been behind since the beginning of the year lol. Speaking of videos, here are a few current ones!

Some lovely happy mail, and prize mail, jam packed into 1 video lol.

Oh yes, and then the Fall 2016 Walmart Beauty Box, I have to sat this box was jammed pack full of things I am excited to use, if you are interested in joining, check out the info after the video below.

Get a box every 3 months (Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter). You’ll only ever be charged for shipping, which is $4, that is it!! Sign up once and be billed for each box.

Shipping Schedule
Winter Starting the last week of November
Spring Starting the second week of March
Summer Starting the second week of June
Fall Starting the second week of September

Super pleased with Fall’s contents, most of the items I have not had tried, but one or two I have. To see more of my videos, feel free to stop by my YouTube channel @PrettyThingsRock, and subscribe to be notified of my next video!


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