Daisy & Lily on #Influenster #SHEBAMeats #VoxBox

I love to spoil my cats Daisy and Lily, and I know I don’t talk about them nearly enough, but I do go picture crazy on Instagram for them, they have their very own account Instagram @daisyxoxlily, and Twitter account @daisyxoxlily, feel free to follow them if you like.

We recently received some ShebaBrand cat food and cat treats, in an Influenster voxbox! I was skeptical about this brand, only because these girls can be so so picky, I mean finicky as can be, that sometimes I have to open up to 3 cans of different food to see which they are in the mood. Now I know they are cats and they should eat anything BUT they don’t, they love variety, so that is an important factor in feeding my furbabies.

As a pet parent, I want my girls to be happy. I don’t have kids, and maybe that is part of the reason I spoil them, I can’t help it and any pet parent would agree, you treat them as your own children, those that don’t understand, might as well just click away, because obviously this post isn’t for you!

I gave my girls each on section of the wet cat food, what I love is they are portioned perfectly, hence the name Perfect Portions, so they don’t over eat. I don’t let them eat out of the containers, I always put their food on their own plates.

My girls were happy with Sheba perfect Portions, the fishier the more they love it! Thank you Sheba and Influenster for this great VoxBox for my girls! If you are interested to know more about Influenster, and this ShebaBrand Voxbox, check out my video below!

*Received these products courtesy of SHEBA & Influenster for sampling purposes.*

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