Trump won, all said and done!

There you go, very simple. Trump won. I woke up at about 3 am to feed Lily and Daisy, they have strange hours and Lily will make sure we hear her lol. Got up, turned the TV on, and there it was. Trump won! Few minutes later, he came out to speak, I’m glad I got to see that live in real time. And yes we are Trump supporters. I don’t need or want to debate about any politics with anyone, we are just happy with the results.


All day today, all I see is negativity, and hate. Some threatening to move to Canada, I feel if that makes them happy, I wish them well. People were unfriending each other based on their political views, wow right? Come on, grow up! Not everyone is not going to have the same views, that is that is what makes us different and unique, but to go to that extent geez, I guess this post may prompt some to unfriend me. Ah well, all I say is ‘freedom of speech”. I am done with this whole thing, Trump is president now, so accept it or not, it is what it is. I respect everyone’s decision on who they voted for, respect ours.

It’s almost Christmas, geez how time flies. It was just Halloween. I am hoping to stay home and have our own Thanksgiving, we’ve only had one since we’ve been together, we go to his aunts house. Don’t get me wrong, we have a nice time, and all. I would just like a Holiday just me and him, but I also know how much he likes to be with family, as his grandmother still goes, and she is up in the years, so takes the opportunity yo have time with her, and I’m glad I got to meet her, all of his family. Enjoy, while we can right?

I’ve added a few new videos to my YouTube channel, I am going to share with my readers

First is a collective haul from Ocean State Job Lot, what I love is there crazy deals that they have, recently it was buy a few adult coloring books, and get a store gift card. I bought 4, total of like $16, and I got a gift card of the same value. So got them free, and i can use the card next time i go to the store, great deal if you love coloring books, I normally just buy Dollar Tree adult coloring books, but couldn’t pass that deal up! We also popped into Barnes and Noble, checked out the red dot sale, got some cute things, check out the video!

And I have a steady stream of Dollar Tree hauls, I am really surprised at what I find, name brand products and more, here are my 2 latest haul videos!

Lots of cool thing, useful not to mention, and of course fun, can’t go shopping without finding some coll things! Check out my channel ( and subscribe, would love to see you give some feedback. Be on the look out for Dollar Tree review coming soon, and a How I fix my gel nails too!

That is all for now, until next time!

xoxo Emmie

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