Are you stuffed? Want more? Lol Hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving!

Oh my gosh, we had a fantastic Thanksgiving. Although I really miss my family, and I know they are all with loved ones. Well except for my oldest brother which I am pretty sure he and my father went to my middle brothers house for Thanksgiving. I don’t like knowing any of them spent it alone. As for my sister, she spend it with her partner, and I with my honey! On Williams side of the family, his mom was at home, as she had to work the first shift for the crazy Black Friday sales, yikes, but went home about 9 am so I am sure she is resting up. Will have to save her a nice plate of Thanksgiving dinner. Last and never the least is my mother, even though she is not with us, she is in spirit. Oh how I wished she would of sat at the table to have dinner with me and William. *Sigh* Moving on to happier things, check out the Turkey my honey made, I tell you, he sure can cook!



When we bought it, it was the smallest they had, it was a 15 lb, we were looking for something smaller since it was just me and my honey. The guy said they will be bringing in smaller ones the next day, but didn’t know about what time. We just took it anyway. It came out so juicy and so very delicious. We were blessed.

I spoke with my sister that day, they also had a wonderful Thanksgiving, I am really glad they did. I do look forward to next year, they will be here hopefully with us, after all these years, it will be nice to have family near.

We didn’t go out to do any Black Friday shopping. I am sitting here doing that now, picking up a few thing for my honey, he is just so hard to shop for, he never wants anything. He really wants a house, I wish I was able to give him that but I am not. But we will hopefully find the right house for us. But in the meantime, I have to pick a few things up for him. Wish me luck.

Apart from that, I posted a few videos to my YouTube channel. I will leave you with my most recent one. A big Dollar Tree haul, picked up a lot of nice things to do some DIYs that I was inspired to do. I will post pictures of that as well in the future. Oh and my birthday is 9 days away, wow time flies, geez I am getting older and older, no stooopppp. I don’t want to get older LOL. But nothing I can do, but enjoy the time I have.  Check out the video!

There we go! With that said. I hope you all had an amazing Thanksgiving, and enjoying your leftovers. Be safe out there during this crazy shopping time of the year! And Happy Holidays

Til next time!

xoxo Emmie

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