What a Crazy, Busy, Happy Week/Month!

Wow, so my birthday was last week, in case anyone forgot lol. Which probably some did. Others can give 2 shits, but whatever *rolls eyes*. I had a very nice birthday week, online and offline. My honey always made it so special, all week long, bless his little heart! And my 2 girls, Daisy and Lily, they showered me with love, but that is an everyday thing, and I return the love as well.

My honey asked me if I wanted to go to Olive Garden for my birthday dinner, but instead, we had Chinese, as it has been a long time since we had any. While we were out, we stopped at our favorite Chinese restaurant, China Lake in Somerset, Massachusetts. OH EM GEE, amazing food. We turned out getting enough for the next day as well, so it was awesome! I wanted to just be home with him and the girls, cozy and warm. Which is what we did. So I was very happy!

I had so many amazing Birthday wishes online from everyone on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, they all made it special too! I will always remember it, and I hope there will be much more in the future!

Last few days I have been DIYing some things for Christmas for the house. I have to say there have been so many awesome inspirational people on YouTube and Pinterest!! Thank you to all of them. My first two items I made was inspired by a lovely YouTuber by the name of Pixie Dust Housewife. I loved it, and glad I decided to do it. My honey thought it came out super cute. Although she used different colors, I think I really love mine more hehe.


Christmas Decor DIY

I really love how it came out. This next one I seen all over Facebook and YouTube and looked like fun! A Snowman DIY, with all Dollar Tree items!

Dollar Tree DIY Snowman

Isn’t it adorable! I had to match the scarf and his hat! Too cute! I had fake snow but didn’t want to dig through things to find it, so I opted for the shredded paper from Dollar Tree, I could have shredded my own, and saved 2 bucks lol. Next is another reindeer type decor! Made 2 of them!

Dollar Tree DIY Reindeer

My honey said the polka dots made it appear as if it is snowing, then I added glittery snowflakes as well! Love love love it! Next is my very first ornament wreath I made using all Dollar Tree products, it came out great, not perfect as it was my first one, I also hand made the bow. It is on our front door right now. Check it out below!

Dollar Tree Ornament Wreath

What do you think? Pretty right? I think it’s okay for my first. Next time it will be better. I am going to work on another but it is going to be all mesh. I am so thankful to all the awesomely talented people on YouTube and their tutorials, there are so many I watched it is impossible to pinpoint one person. I guess I took a little advice from all of them, but I do leave them the thumbs up!  What I will leave you with is my latest video, and don’t forget to check out that Christmas Card Exchange I am doing, it is never too late Happy Holidays everyone! Have a happy and safe one.

xoxo Emily


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