It is over, finally!! The holidays anyway!

Happy New Year!! Yes, the big holidays are over, but we have another round of holidays coming up now. Valentine’s and Easter, more spending? LOL Does this ever end, it seems to be a continuous circle lol. I need to do a lot less of it, though, keep the cash flow out to a minimum and the cash flow in on high gear lol. I am hoping for more sales now that I am finally getting around to listing stuff on Ebay.

Speaking of spending. I was at Dollar Tree over the last 2 weeks, and just yesterday we were in there, and they already have Valentine and Easter things, some people say they gave seem St. Patrick’s Day merchandise as well. Haha, dang I tell you. I did pick up a few things for Valentine’s to decorate, I don’t think I will for Easter because we don’t have kids, so it seems pointless. Lol. And everyone knows, women love Valentine’s Day, so William if you are reading this, hint hint *wink* lol. Check out the goodies I picked up at Dollar Tree over the weekend.

My goodies I picked up, that is not all of them, that is just most of the Valentine things. I also picked up some clearance things from Dollar Tree, Walmart and Target, I will doing a separate video for that, or it will come out extremely long.

I will leave you with my last Dollar Tree of 2016 though, fun fun lol. But before I get to that. I just wanted to say it seemed like it went so fast, but I did enjoy the whole Christmas season. I feel bad for my honey thought because he felt it went too fast. I tried to make it as festive for him as I could, so when he told me that, it kind of hurt my feelings, although it wasn’t about me, but about how he was feeling if that makes any sense. All in all, I hope he had some fun.

We recently got hit with snow, for a native Californian, this was exciting lol. Here is a quick video I posted on Instagram, feel free to follow me there if you wish.

This was later that night.

Wow right. No more snow since. It is supposed to get warmer later this week, and possibly another storm next week. I guess we will see. Alright, so that is all for now. I may be posting what I got for Christmas, not sure if I want to do that, I am not one to brag, but at the same time, I am excited about it LOL. Ok. Until next time.


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