What?? The end of January already?

Wow, just Wow! I cannot believe it is the end of January already!! I have been having fun, though, making little Valentine DIYs. Oh my gosh how Pinterest is so inspirational! Thank you so much!! I lack creativity it seems lol. I will post a few of the little DIYs I have done, as mentioned, very small, nothing spectacular! But they were fun to make!

Cute right??

So lately I have been thinking of opening yet another website. I have a reseller so I can host as many domains as I would like, and since I am a huge nail polish fan, I maybe create one just for that. Fun right? Sadly, I cannot afford to buy nail polish once they hit the market, I don’t have that kind of cash, and we are saving for a house, so I have to watch what I buy. The cool thing about the website, is that I will also be selling polish I don’t care much for, so it is a win win. Interested, keep a watch on future posts

Apparently, I started this post and completely forgot about it, haha, I guess I got busy. I’ll post again soon!

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