Packing Is Tiring! Got To Get It Done!

Packing is tiring! That is an understatement. I am pooped every day by the time my honey gets home. Packing up this room is so much work, I have so much CRAP. Lol okay, it isn’t crap, but some stuff I can and will give to Goodwill or Salvation Army. I am almost done, though, so happy

It is the next day, March 14, 2017, and we did go to Salvation Army and donate some items, but we left a box and a wall mirror we wanted to donate, so that will go next week. I finally got a chance to visit a few Dollar Tree stores, as my honey does do some shopping there too, and I buy stuff I am in search of and picked up a few things for others as well.

The Dollar Tree that is going to be closest to our new home, seems to get the new things in so that is really exciting. This time around, I picked up the new skinny washi and some Bolero products that everyone in the Dollar Tree Community is raving about.

I would use this primarily for my planner because they are nice and skinny! Pretty patterns too. I have another set from last year as well. For a $1 you cannot beat this. I also was able to pick up some of the Bolero items that came out last year, I thought that ship passed, but here they are again, and I swooped in and bought some, there are some that were in boxes, and I still want those scents, here is what my basket looked like.

There are 4 scents, and I wanted some of each item, 2 scents I have items missing, I hope I get to find them, as I was out 3 weeks when I was sick! Nice collection. I hear these smell amazing. I also bought them to sell lol, don’t hate me! Lots of people do it. I have not personally tried them, but I do hear a lot of good things. Not sure if I will use all of them, probably not, I want to sell them to people that cannot get their hands on them. Some bath salts I will use since I noticed I have 2 extras, and some of the bath fizzes.

Well, my honey got home, and did not find the other Bolero scents, or didn’t look. He probably didn’t want to look, lol. UGH! I hate not having my own car, to go when I want to lol. One day! Maybe I will get lucky when I go again. I need to make a note of what I need.

It is about 6 am, March 14, 2017. I fed the cats but wanted to stay up to finish this blog, as it is going on the 3rd day lol. I keep a folder on my phone with items that I am in search of when I go to Dollar Tree, otherwise, I would forget. Here are some.

I have been collecting Dollar Tree coloring books since they first came out. I got more than one at first, hoping to help people get them, but the interest was low, so now I only get maybe 1 extra copy. But I am pretty sure I have them all. In the pictures, the first 3 are the newest coloring books that have come out, and I get this excitement to find them lol, how weird, what is wrong with me? The 2nd row, a jar of buttons, I think that is pretty good for a jar of buttons. I like to use them sometimes in little crafts. The next 2 items, I have yet to find, I may never find them. The last row sadly is items I seen a Canadian Dollar Tree hauler find at her store. My mouth dropped when I saw what she found. I thought “Why doesn’t our Dollar Tree have these items?” I guess we can’t all have the same things. Oh well.

I would say that is a good bit of information. I think everyone agrees, the hunt for finding things is the fun part, and then using them is the 2nd fun part lol. Ok til next time. Back to packing today.

xoxo Emily

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