Still Sorting The Hobby Room

First and foremost, Happy Star Wars Day, May the Fourth be with you!!!

May The Fourth Be With You

Let’s chat about what I am up to recently. The ‘Hobby Room’! I don’t call it the craft room, I don’t call it the nail room because this room will cover all those things. I am all about a little of this, and a little of that. I also do my recording in this room. Once I figure out how everything will go. I stopped and decided to start a blog post. I bought this extension for my tripod, but I am now seeing I am going to either have to get the weight necessary to balance out the camera, even though the Sony is very light weight. This is the extension my honey bought me.

Photek The eXtender

It is a Photek The eXtender, 38″ Telescopic Horizontal Tripod Arm with Ball Head. It does what I want it to do, but to extend it further for what I need I am going to need weights to balance, ugh. So I am going to try to do what I can because I need to record some things. I have to figure out things here because this isn’t working like I want it to. Now to figure out where to get the weights I need. A fellow YouTuber had it, and that was where I discovered it, I didn’t ask her many details about it, I thought maybe I can figure things out myself.

I will figure that out at some point. Apart from that, I am still unboxing boxes, as I have to find new places for things and sort out what I am selling from what I am keeping, and donation items as well. So it is taking longer than I wanted. Sometimes I look at all the boxes and think I am never going to have enough room LOL. But I am sure everything will have a home soon enough. I think a lot of boxes would be emptied out if my nail polish racks would go back up on the wall. As I have at least 3 boxes with nail polishes still wrapped from moving. Once I am done with this post, I am going to have to move my printer, and record in that area, because for now, the eXtendor will fall because of the camera weight. Imagine if I used my DSLR it would be heavier lol.

My videos for my YouTube channel are stacking up, I am happy they are only unboxing. I am excited about a few of them. I don’t want to spoil it, so I am not going to say what they are until my next post. Take a look at the boxes I have stacked up that I am still going through.

What a mess

My honey also gave me this cool Radioshack HDMI switch box, so I can view what I am recording on my monitor, which is great when it comes to making sure I am in frame, as the camera frame is so small and I forget to check it (I must get better with that), but we hooked it up last night, and it is pretty cool, although the camera HDMI cable is short and I since I need the weights for my eXtender, I have to move the monitor over towards the camera. it is small, doesn’t take up much space, but I would like it a little more hidden than where it is now.

Radioshack HDMI switch box

I think it is pretty cool, but I definitely need to hide it maybe where my tablets are, since the cables can go out from the back and I don’t have to have that huge black HDMI cable there, I do need to find a shorter one than that huge black one, but it was temporary to see if it worked, and it sure did. I’ll see if I can post a short video in my next post. Better get back to it, it is lunch time, and I am hungry. I will leave you with my last Dollar Tree haul, because I just oh so love sharing them, and the goodies I find.

Til next time
– xoxo Emily

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